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Default Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Hi People,

Here's a thread for all of you who, like myself, have a background in martial arts or an interest in fight sports, or maybe are connoisseurs of kung fu flicks, or just enjoy a good cinematic smackdown.

Nolan's Batflicks brought KFM into the public consciousness, and revived
ninjitsu (well since the Turtles anyway).
Should Snyder's Batfleck have a different fighting style ? What sort of
moves should he use ? Bale's Batman relied primary on elbows, headbutts,
hammerfists and the right cross, with an odd front kick (although he does
show a greater variety of kicks in Batman Begins).
Previous Batmen, well besides Adam West, utilised more kicks (Keaton's
Batman throws a side-kick in his first appearance, Kilmer's Batman does
a few roundhouses and spinning hook kicks) . Should Snyder go back to that, or stick with the gritty practicality of KFM.

Personally, I'd like Batman to be an even dirtier fighter, and throw in some
joint locks. I like the KFM, but I think Bats needs to mix it up even more
and throw in a lot dirtier tactics and techniques

In the comics, Bats does whatever he needs to, to win, short of killing.

I'd love to see Batman break more bones, be a lot more ruthless. Yes, punches are quick, and can be very effective (which makes sense when fighting a gang) but it behoves Batman to be particularly nasty,
as in kicking/stomping on knee joint, and definitely kicking some thug in the groin. The sequences in TDKR when he fights about 7 of Bane's thugs shows some reasonable tactics (stacking, shielding) but Bats needs to be
more surgical with his strikes.

Personally, as a fan of UFC, I'd love to see him either take more of an Anderson Silva or Jon Jones approach, mixing up a variety of striking techniques, perhaps with Silva's almost magical timing. (sometimes the
guy's looked like he was fighting in the matrix, check out the Silva vs
Forrest Griffin fight).

I don't even mind seeing Bats eye-gouge, bite and keep the headbutts !
To be honest, he was dumb standing in front of Bane and swinging away,
I'd like to see Bats aim for his enemies weakpoints.

So that's me. But do you guys want so see something more acrobatic
( like Richard Grayson as Batman) although in films its hard to do acrobatic
stuff in all that rubber. But should Batman be more matrix-kung-fu like ?

Snyder showed some very deft fight choreography in Watchmen, bordering on kung-fu, but very brutal, (the Comedian vs Ozymandias fight in the opening sequence is terrific, stylish but savage). Should Batman be a bit
more like that ?

I would want Batman to be more Ozymandias than Comedian, brutal and

Another terrific fighting style inspiration is the work Jeff Imada did
choreographing the fights in the Bourne movies (if You haven't seen them go see Bourne Ultimatum, best fist fights EVER!) that works for both gangs, and individuals (although Bourne does fight to kill when he has to).
You see a similar style used on Jonathon Nolan's "Person of Interest" which is essentially a TV show where Batman has been split into two people,
the genius and the ass-kicker.

The underlying question here is how far Snyder should depart from Nolan's
interpretation ?

Now that's my opinion. But what do you guys think ? More kung fu (should he get all Crouching Tiger, ) or more street-fighting (and no, not Ryu or Chun Li)?

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