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Default Lucas' notes from the 80's

Explains Lucas:

“The president is turning into an Emperor and Luke’s mother suspects that something has happened to her husband. She is pregnant. Anakin gets worse and worse, and finally Ben has to fight him and he throws him down into a volcano and Vader is all beat up.”
Remember that Revenge of the Sith plothole where Amidala dies in childbirth even though Leia clearly states in Jedi that she remembers her mother? This might be of interest:

Lucas: Leia and Luke’s mother go to Alderaan and are taken in by the king there, who is a friend of Ben’s. She dies shortly thereafter and Leia is brought up by her foster parents. She knows that her real mother died.

Kasdan: She does know that?

Lucas: Yes, so we can bring that out when Luke is talking to her; she can say that her mother died when “I was two years old.”
But what about the yoga?! This is my favorite exchange of the whole bit:

Kasdan: The Force was available to anyone who could hook into it?

Lucas: Yes, everybody can do it.

Kasdan: Not just the Jedi?

Lucas: It’s just the Jedi who take the time to do it.

Marquand: They use it as a technique.

Lucas: Like yoga. If you want to take the time to do it, you can do it; but the ones that really want to do it are the ones who are into that kind of thing. Also like karate. Also another misconception is that Yoda teaches Jedi, but he is like a guru; he doesn’t go out and fight anybody.

Kasdan: A Jedi Master is a Jedi isn’t he?

Lucas: Well, he is a teacher, not a real Jedi. Understand that?

Kasdan: I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t believe it; I am in shock.

Lucas: It’s true, absolutely true, not that it makes any difference to the story.

Kasdan: You mean he wouldn’t be any good in a fight?

Lucas: Not with Darth Vader he wouldn’t.

Kasdan: I accept it, but I don’t like it.

Gotta admit, I like this way better.

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I don't I much prefer that Yoda is a jedi, not a guru and the force is only accessible to Jedi/Jedi bloodlines.

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I like Yoda being a "Great warrior" better than a Guru.But I like the idea that anybody could tune into the Force with enough effort/instruction.

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

Eh. On the one hand that stuff undeniably sounds cooler than the prequels, on the other hand they contradict the bloodline/warrior stuff that was included in the movies (80s), and might've been cooler there than these notes.

I like the idea of Yoda being "above swordfighting" rather than being powerless in combat, but whatever. I forget, did Lucas start claiming the prequels to be his "original vision" around the turn of the century, or not that much actually?

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I hate the idea that only people of a certain bloodline can be Jedi. I mean a child growing up in this universe, who wants to be a Jedi, can't because he doesn't have the right DNA? That sucks. I understand that comes from the old idea that only those of noble birth can be knights, but I don't like that old European caste system stuff.

I actually do like Yoda as an active Jedi though. A little old guy who doesn't look like much, is in fact, a great warrior; that's a change that worked for me.

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I think originally the reason behind Yoda not being a "fighter" is part of the question why didn't he and Ben try to take on Vader & The Emperor?

Even in ROTS,Yoda & Palps are pretty evenly matched.Palp gets the upper hand and Yoda goes "No mas.I'm done."They didn't really have a valid reason to sit on their hands for 20 years and hope Luke &/or Leia could do a better job.

Had it gone as originally planned,Ben wasn't strong enough to beat the Emperor and would be hard pressed to beat Vader who was "more machine than man" at that point.Yoda couldn't fight.So they had no choice but to wait for a younger student to take up the mantle.

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I read the John Carter on Mars trilogy a couple of years ago, and there's a character in the last book who is a sword master dwarf alien who bounces off walls and flips around the place, beating everyone, but looks wizened and harmless before he fights. I am sure Lucas read that book sometime in his childhood (as he's a known fan of the series) and kept the image in his head untill CGI let him adapt it. Whether it was Yoda specifically he had in mind who knows. I prefer this interview to the story we finally got anyway. (no prequel hater here, just hated her dying in childbirth).

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I've read that Lucas took quite a bit from John Carter. The DNA restriction opens up some interesting possibilities, if you think about it. Let's say a child grows up wanting to be a Jedi, but can't because he or she doesn't have the right midichlorian count. So that child does something else, and learns about some technology that can harvest midichlorians and encapsulate them in a capsid and envelope similar to a virus. Then, that enveloped, capsid-encoated bundle of midichlorians can be injected and make its way into a host cell. Upon entering the host cell's nuclei, the midichlorians begin replicating like a virus, and integrate themselves with the host's genome. Then, similar to the construction and release of a virus from the host cell, midichlorians are released into the host.

Tl;dr I just made midichlorians work.

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Default Re: Lucas' notes from the 80's

I have to say the DNA restrictions thing sounds like it rather goes against the spirit of the originals.

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