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Default Re: Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
Same here, everything I want in Thor 3, it will be too much, especially if Thor 3 will be 111 mins as well haha.

I seem to want:
- Beta Ray Bill
- Hela (I think the filmmakers didn't use her because how did Loki have a daughter in the timeframe between the end of Thor and Avengers?)
- Ulik
- Enchantress & Executioner
(I'm sure that Kevin Feige said once that she is a fan favourite character, but she is so similar to Loki that they didn't want to use her yet because they wanted to mix it up with the villlains and not look the same)
- Surtur
- Ymir (I would love it if Ymir was the new leader of Jotunheim and Niffleheim after Laufey died and came from retirement)

I think it is obvious that they seem to be building up to Surtur and that is great, that's what I want, but that's the problem... where do you go after Surtur if they use him in the third film? because to me, he is the biggest Nine Realms threat for Thor.
That all sounds great. If I had to pair down my wishlist to just my top three things from your list, you'd still be left with the things in bold. Even that would be a lot to do correctly in one film without those characters having been introduced already, which they haven't been.

But with the MCU always expanding, we may get to see it all somehow in the years to come.

EDIT: and as for where to go after Surtur, that's when I'd move Thor out of the 9 Realms and do Beta Ray Bill or something else cosmic, OR (as Joss Whedon says regarding Avengers), go "deeper" or more personal rather than "larger" with the threat.

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