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Default G.I. Joe 80s Original.... ?

80s franchise???
Who were the original 9?
What is the significance of the group?
Are they original or just reworking of the 12" characters or other characters?
Their names, real and code names?
Where did they appear first? Was it the figures, comic or cartoon?
If you can include any images or references.
Best way to collect them? Can you get them as a set?

Who were the original 13?
What is the difference? Was it an addition or an all new group?
Is this when it went from toy to cartoon?
Their names, real and code name?
Where did they first appear - figures, comic cartoon?
Where is best to read or watch about them - comics? Cartoon? Movie?

Is the movies even about them?
What's the difference?

LOL I know it's allot, not looking for an essay but if it's fun or intriguing for you just fill in what you can

And thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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Default Re: G.I. Joe 80s Original.... ?

DJZ: When Hasbro decided to come up with this updated version of G.I.Joe, how did you get involved with the whole thing?

Larry Hama: There was a big meeting at Hasrbo to discuss the project. It was attended by Jim Shooter, Tom DeFalco, Archie Goodwin, myself, and, I believe, Nelson Yomtov. Basically, they had decided to switch from having a large single figure of Joe with a lot of accessories, going for smaller action figures. The big, really major difference was they wanted to give all of the guys characters and backgrounds, and they wanted to have a comic book. They wanted to have a back story. That’s why Marvel was brought in at the very beginning. When we showed up they had basic designs for the figures. What they knew about these figures at the time was that one was a basic infantryman, one was a commando, one was a mortar, one was communications, one was a laser expert, and so on and so forth. We agreed to do dossiers on each figure, to come up with the background and characterization and the way they would fit together as a team.
Can anyone say more specific which were these original group of characters? Were the first just transferred by Hasbro from the 12" line, and then given dossiers by Hama? Were they all new characters created for this new line by Hasbro (how much did Hasbro design as far as name/appearance)? And was this the first wave? Or were they all new created by Marvel ...but now starting with the second wave?

And which ones (specific characters) is he talking about?

I'm curious if they were this group/assortment of 9 bellow?
Were these originally based Hasbro 12"?
Were they all new created by Hasbro for the 3.1/4" line?
Or these the ones created by Marvel and Hama as described above?

Who is depicted here?

vs. who first appeared on the cartoon?

And now the movies???

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Default Re: G.I. Joe 80s Original.... ?

The original line-up that came out in 1982 consisted of the following:

Infantry trooper: Grunt
Laser trooper: Flash
Commando: Snake-Eyes
Counter intelligence: Scarlett
Bazooka soldier: Zap
Mortar soldier: Short-fuse
Ranger: Stalker
Communications: Breaker
Machine gunner: Rock-n-Roll
Driver: Clutch (included with VAMP jeep vehicle)
Artillery: Grand Slam (included with HAL heavy artillery laser)
Tank driver: Steeler (included with MOBAT tank)
Commander: Hawk (included with Mobile Missile System

As far as I recall, they were new characters with no relation to the 12" Joes. Hasbro saw the potential in the 3 3/4" action figure market due to Star Wars and went for it. The original Marvel comic and cartoons came after the figures debut.

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