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Default StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

Which is the "better" game for you?

For me personally, SNES StarFox all the way. The 64 version was kid-ified with a terrible soundtrack. Imagine what SF64 would have been had they targeted teens/young adults, and kept Hajime Hirasawa as composer.

It's like Unreal Tournament. Once they started kid-ifying it beyond the '99 version (in hopes of generating more sales), it don't played the same...

It's ironic b/c StarFox SNES for young adults sold more copies (4M) than SF64 (3.3M) for kindergartens.

And oh yeah, I can't seem to think why Nintendo would leave out StarFox on the Wii/U. The original Wii was only successful b/c of the motion control. Even then, it's nuts to have left it out on that system.

Personally for me, the Big 4 from Nintendo has always been: 1. Mario 2. Zelda, 3. StarFox 4. Mario Kart. Then, there is the Big 7: from above, 5. Smash Brothers 6. Donkey Kong 7. Pikmin.

A Nintendo system isn't really a Nintendo system if it's missing one of the Big 4 titles...

Edit: I forgot to attach a poll to this thread... D'oh!

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Great Mind(s)
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Default Re: StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

I agree N64 is where Nintendo really got "kidified" there was something ominous about SNES games. However I admit I never got too far in StarFox for SNES but have played the N64 one a billion times. But the tone and music of StarFox SNES is much better. I still often hum the music when you pilot the ship through endless space before you start the level.

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Default Re: StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

So the NES isn't a Nintendo system?

*goes off to cry*

The Shredder? Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw.
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Fanboy rivalry? Yawn.
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Default Re: StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

I love both. But if I have to choose, it's got to be the original one.

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Default Re: StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

The 64 version would have been tolerable if they had the same kind of victory cut scenes as the SNES version. Even though the SNES version used a primitive Arwing model for the in-game sessions, watching those Arwing cut scenes really felt like I was watching X-Wings (not a typo) in formation/blasting off.

Though the 64 version had better 3d Arwing models. The cut scenes felt really cheesy and had me going "meh"... I guess they must have employed a different artistic director or something.

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Default Re: StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

Does Nintendo have something against the franchise? They haven't made a darn game since 2005.

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Default Re: StarFox (SNES) vs. StarFox 64

I prefer the SNES version. While I liked the N64 version, I thought it was much easier.

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