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Default Re: Crowd reactions

I was surprised by how many people recognized the senator from Iron Man 2.

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Default Re: Crowd reactions

I'm not. He's like Strother Martin. Just an insanely recognizable voice.

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Default Re: Crowd reactions


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Default Re: Crowd reactions

The other people in the theater stayed through the credits and chuckled at some of the jokes throughout the film.

Sadly where my wife and I moved to there are about 5 theaters relatively close to each other, in our city. We went to the Regal theater which is two minutes away from our place. It was a 9:30 showing on a Friday night. We got there an hour early being used to the two theaters where we used to live always having long lines...there were about 10 other people in the theater with us.

When it comes to action films like these, or comedies I like being in a packed theater. It's fun to share that vibe going around when everyone is into the movie. I imagine most people are going to the theater in the mall. Ugh, usually it's mall theaters(in my experience)where the loud and obnoxious A holes go to watch movies.

I was thinking it was because we watched it in the RPX theater which costs more but there was no line for the regular theaters or even the Liemax. I'm definitely going to try out some of the other theaters since we're still new to the area.

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Default Re: Crowd reactions

I didn't recognize him until I read the online stuff.

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Default Re: Crowd reactions

I went to a Regal Cinemas near where I live and my 3 PM showing was absolutely packed, maybe only a handful of empty seats and none together in a 300+ seat theater. I've never been to a theater that full that early in the day. They were good about laughing at the funny parts and reacting to some of the action sequences. I couldn't really tell how shocked many were when WS was revealed to be Bucky. As for the credit scenes, about half stayed for the first one and maybe a quarter for the last one, which is a lot more than I've seen at any previous Marvel movie. Overall, a pretty good experience and was glad to see such a full crowd for a CA movie.

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Default Re: Crowd reactions

I had a good showing besides some kid started crying when winter soldier was being brainwashed. I seemed to be the only person who recognized Mr.Lau as a member of the world security council.

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