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Default R.I.P. Earth 1610 Steve Rogers- a tribute thread to Ultimate Captain America

I know this is a few weeks - months late but in March/January 29, 2012, in the issue of Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #4, For those who haven't read Cataclysm or read Ultimate comics in some time, the even was when 616 Galactus ended up on the Ultimate world

After Galactus destroyed New Jersey, the Ultimates started working in finding a way to defeat him. After accidentally revealing themselves to Galactus, the cosmic being started approaching the Triskelion. To give S.H.I.E.L.D. the time necessary to move away, Steve used a jet to fly near Galactus and distract him. Captain America directed the jet towards Galactus' face and after shooting his teeth, Captain America attempts to bail out, but the ship crashes into the upper roof of Galactus' mouth, killing the once-Living Legend.They were still able to defeat the cosmic entity and exile it to the Negative Zone, saving Earth. However, Thor had to join Galactus in his exile as he had to push the cosmic entity into the Negative Zone.n the end of the crisis, and without Thor and Cap, Tony decided to disband the Ultimates. Based on the concept of the defunct Fantastic Four, Iron Man founded a team of geniuses along with the Invisible Woman called the Future Foundation. After the near-destruction of Earth at the hands of Galactus,S.H.I.E.L.D. was dismantled and Chang was cited in court as she and the organization had failed to successfully protect the world. So in tribute to the Earth 1610 version of the Living Legend, I decided to create this thread to remember Ultimate Captain America's greatest moments.

I know some of you are wondering the use of the thread, thinking of only Captain America as the guy who said this:

(which he said later was influenced by Tony and was stupid when talking to Nick Fury in the white house at the end of Ultimates volume 1). and a lot of other people might think of him (I feel like he was really like that under Jeph Loeb's run) or moments similar to this and some have described him as "some d-bag, jingoistic, flag-waving, Glenn Beck/Federal Government supporting, super American" who "represents all the bad things about Americans"(While I hate moments where he insults the French or using Kindergarten kids as a shield to protect him from War Machine, he does have his fair share of positive moments as well), some people feel like Cap is the man-made super-hero,while the normal Marvel 616 Captain America is a shining beacon of hope, the Ultimate Captain America is a soldier that barks orders and seems far more reckless (evidence of this comes from Cap smashing a plane into the enemy base before leaping out).

But despite some "dickish" moments, I thought he was a good character and he fit in the story Mark Millar was trying to tell despite some writers(Jeph Loeb, Jason Aaron, etc). Plus under certain writers(Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis,Jason Aaron in the last issues, Warren Ellis, etc), he was an interesting and entertaining character to read.

There's a lot of aspects that Millar and other writers weaved that make me a big Captain America fan and introduced me to some of the better 616 Captain America work, here's some Ultimate Captain America examples:
- He goes to the church every Sunday (I respect all religions and think they are valid in their beliefs but Captain America being a devout Christian works with his specific personality to me)
-the scene between Ultimate Cap and Mimic in Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates
- the scene in Ultimate Captain America#1 where he says he's done hiding in the shadows after being the ice for so long(hate the way he did it but I like the thing he said)
-The scene at the end of Ultimate 2, when skinny Steve tells Gail “They’re gonna make me into a super-soldier and I’m gonna help put an end to all this fighting.” (which as the article explained is ironic in itself
- 2 of the scenes when Captain America shared with Spidey in Death of Spider-Man on the graveyard and after he got shot in saving Spider-Man's life
-The Captain America scenes with Nick Fury in Ultimate Six when he was dealing with monstrosities such as Green Goblin, Electro, etc being created in trying to make another Captain America/Super Soldier
- Watches Penny Singleton movies and other classics while working out.
- Gets hooked into daytime television and movies such as the Terminator movies.(I would love it if Chris Evans Captain America would mention being a huge fan of Daytime Soaps over time in a movie, I love the idea of Steve being a movie fan and getting hooked into all those cheesy B movies and actually quoting them, talk to the hand)
- Accepts America's past mistakes such as what happened in Vietnam and whatnot, simply wants to work and help out America instead of complaining all the mistakes and saying America is ruined forever.
- Visits soldiers in Afghanistan to supply them Thanks Giving Turkeys and simply being there as a moral boost for his fellow country men.
-trying to interact/make a bond more with T'Challa, forging dialect with him, then transported took him back to Wakanda, and took his place on the team of the Avengers/Ultimates(the only thing about Jeph Loeb that I liked)
-when he broke up a fight between Jean Grey, Sabretooth and Mystique and tells them he just wants to pay his respect to the fallen heroes in Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem #1

I think Ultimate Cap served as a minor influence to MCU/Chris Evans interpretation of Captain America (yes I know Chris Evans interpretation is mainly inspired by 616 Steve Rogers as he rightly should be, but I think it was a good idea to have some Ultimate Captain America personality traits in his character)
I know some people has some reservations for this interpretation of the character, but let's get started on our favorite Ultimate Cap moments, what we liked about the character and debate on what worked and what didn't.

"Nazi zombies don’t wanna eat you just ‘cause they’re craving the protein. They do it ‘cause…they do it ‘cause they hate Americans, man. Talibans. They’re the Talibans of the zombie world." thanks TheNextNolan22 for reminding me how awesome Badger is

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Default Re: R.I.P. Earth 1610 Steve Rogers- a tribute thread to Ultimate Captain America

I loved the ultimate version of Cap. He was such a badass, and I loved his modern day look was awesome.

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Default Re: R.I.P. Earth 1610 Steve Rogers- a tribute thread to Ultimate Captain America

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