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The Question
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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

Originally Posted by Joshua_B View Post
That whole paragraph is hinged on the word "tolerance", which has sadly changed definition in popular culture over the last several decades. Embracing plainly contradicting things as equally true is not tolerant, but foolish. Basic logic dictates that right and wrong are mutually exclusive; if something's true, it applies to everyone regardless of personal belief. If he were real, Steve wouldn't insult someone for pursuing a same-sex relationship, but he wouldn't be dancing at "gay pride" parades either. There's a difference between hating someone as a person, and standing for the truth...even if it means disappointing or angering someone you care about.

By contrast, political correctness is all about attempting to equalize every choice, no matter how opposite from each other they may be. Its the mindset which popularized the phrase, "truth lies in the eye of the beholder".
Except that the notion that there's anything wrong with a same sex relationship is not true. It is, in fact, a disgusting lie.

It's kind of funny that you keep talking about "objective truth" and keep bringing up something you believe that is not objectively true and you simply want it to be true.

Steve would support gay rights because he's a decent human being who recognizes that there is nothing wrong with being gay and any "evidence" that says there is is a bunch of nonsense cooked up by people with a ****ed up bias.

The world does not work the way you think it does:

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Red Mask
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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

The current success of Captain America seems to say it's very welcome to a hero like Cap.

Little scriptwriting note on real people:

Real people don't take action. They either pass the buck or take a very long time making a decision.

That's why society has institutions on law enforcement, emergency services, and the armed forces. It employs people who are trained to take action for us.

We may not have the world threats that make humanity unite in force anymore. But heroes like Captain America remind us to never sit idly as evil rises up, even if that evil changes its face. They remind us that we are not alone doing what's right and what's worth fighting for.

If there's one thing you can learn from Game of Thrones is this important lesson:

All Men Betray
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