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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Originally Posted by bluerayer View Post
No. Just make it game over if the player try that.

Also, someone suggested a de-powered Superman. Now...

What would be the fun in playing that game?

Players would feel seriously ripped off.
It wouldn't be fun to get 'game over' everytime you fly into a building either.

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
As someone who works in the games industry, Superman is a nightmare.

Super fast.
Super Strong.

For instance there is no reason why Superman couldn't fly from one side of the city to the other side of the city flying through every building to get there. Sure, Superman wouldn't cause such wanton destruction in the comics but the 'PLAYER' should be able to.


Far easier characters to make in a video game.
It's true, Superman does present more challenges, but he would not be the first superfast superstrong "indestructible" hero to have a video game, eg Radical's games (Hulk Ultimate Destruction, Prototype), Matrix Path of Neo, Asura's Wrath. Heck, Superman was tons of fun to play in Lego Batman 2.

I think a lot of the challenge is people are thinking of the the godly Reeve Superman. Spider-Man is also able to plow through buildings if he desires, and Batman able to kill thugs if he so desires, but the games simply don't let you with, more or less, invisible walls. Now perhaps, because people expect Superman to be able to do those things that every super strong hero can do, that that wouldn't be received the same, or it be a harder 'sell' or whatever. That might be a thing, but the actual challenge isn't any greater. The only challenge is the expectation of the audience to get an outdated untouchale Superman.

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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Hope we get a video game for DOJ!

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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Originally Posted by harryoscop View Post
Hope we get a video game for DOJ!
Me too

BTW Who was in the voice cast of the MOS mobile game?

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