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Default Helicarrier targets


My apologies if such a thread exsits.

In The Winter Soldier, Stillson mentions Dr. Strange in relation to the potential "threats".

Does anyone else know who was targeted by the Helicarriers when they launched?

Somebody told me there is supposed to quite a few names dropped in the scene.


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Default Re: Helicarrier targets

Sitwell also mention Steve (says "you"), Bruce Banner, Undersecretary of Defense and a High School valedictorian from Iowa.

When the Hellicarrier targeting systems go on we see it target Tony in Stark Tower and The President which explains why SHIELD wasn't all that fussed to help either in IM3.

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Default Re: Helicarrier targets

yeah, the people mentioned in that scene were, "you" (I guessed Sitwell meant "you" and the three people who were in front of him, not just Steve); Bruce Banner, Dr Strange, and other people not related.
But in the first elimination phase, the helicarriers targeted almost 20 million people on the east cost alone, people in the white house, Maria Hill, and we guess Tony was in "that big ugly building" in NY with the A on top.

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Default Re: Helicarrier targets

This made me think if there's hidden Characters like MAYBE Spidey in the Crowds the Hellicarriers were showing

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