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Default Re: DOFP vs other 2014 ComicsMovies Thread [Buzz, BoxOffice and more] - Part 3

Originally Posted by SAUspartan View Post
He basically confirmed my point. I read that recently on the CBR X-Books board.

This Marvel Fox vs Marvel Disney goes far beyond the movies. The reason i get heated sometimes about Marvel Disney is because of that. It's not cause i hate the movies or if they make more money than the X-Movies. I care because it is effecting the comic universe. Yes, there are still a lot of X-Books. But they make sure the storylines are not good enough. They don't want Fox using any of the ideas down the road. So while i still enjoy a few of the comics. Mostly now only cause Nightcrawler is alive and im hoping for some more Kurt/Kitty interaction. But my point is right now it's basically a bunch of Cyclops is Right or Cyclops is Wrong and Schism BS. The Magneto series is great as well, I should admit. But my point still stands.

I have seen every Marvel Disney movie in theaters..but it sickens me that they treat the X-Books the way they do.

So next time a mod on this board thinks some people just like to argue and want to be contrary by doing Marvel Disney vs Marvel Fox...that's not the case. Some people like me are getting disheartened by what this Cinematic garbage is doing. (I'm including X-Men in this. Garbage not in quality, but it causing all this stuff is Garbage). Basically Marvel Disney's movie studio's actions are causing this. They wouldn't be in this problem if they didn't sell the rights to Fox years ago. Fox is doing nothing wrong here. Fox didn't force Marvel to sell the rights they did to them. This upsets me when people think both studios are the same at fault. That's not the case. Fox has the rights. And it's sour grape on Marvel Disney's part by doing whatever they can to distance themselves from X-Men.
Which is why they gave one of their biggest writers TWO X-men books. Love him or hate him, Bendis does seem to bring the readers. (I'm truly shocked he isn't getting a Star Wars book) Schism marked a general upswing in quality in the X-books. Have they been perfect, no. But for me, Remender's Uncanny X-force, Aaron's Wolverine and the X-men, Gillen's Uncanny X-men were great runs. It just seems to be the height of paranoia to blame runs you didn't like on other reasons.

It makes no sense for Disney to kill off Marvel Comics just to spite Fox, since they would be hurting pretty badly without the X-books.

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Default Re: DOFP vs other 2014 ComicsMovies Thread [Buzz, BoxOffice and more] - Part 3

They don't think they need the X-books anymore.

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Default Re: DOFP vs other 2014 ComicsMovies Thread [Buzz, BoxOffice and more] - Part 3

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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