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Default What would it be like?

What would it be like if a single transformer had his own series, a mini series or even a full run? For example Optimus Prime. Would Optimus Prime be considered the spider-man of the transformers universe?

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Default Re: What would it be like?

Optimus almost had his own miniseries, but Dreamwave went under before they could get that off the ground.

I don't know if I'd want a miniseries focusing on one character for multiple issues as much as I'd like a pseudo-anthology series that centered solely on one character per issue. One issue they do a solo adventure starring Skids, the next they do Skywarp, then they do Omega Supreme, etc.

Transformers has such a vast selection of characters, assuming the stories are good enough, the series could go one for hundreds of issues. Plus it would give the fans of those rarely-seen specific characters something to chew on.

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Default Re: What would it be like?


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Default Re: What would it be like?

I'd like to see a grimlock comic. He was always shafted by most of the others transformers and would make a great leader. Him or Iron Hide.

A sercret that should of stayed in the Batcave

Brokebat Mountain.
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