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Default My Superman: the Man of Steel

Ok first let me say i am a big Superman fan im 20 years old with the logo tattoo on my upper right arm and my room is a shrine to Superman so im going to give you a quick movie plot. WARING BAD spelling i got ot go to work and i wanted to do this really quick imso sorry for it i will fix later please let me know what you think and if it's any good

Lets start off with lex and his girlfriend still stuck on the island, as they complain to one another about how to get off the tiny space they start to see the water boiling and the sky turns black... Lex backs up to see lighting hit the water in fast paceing was then just like superman a rock from the sky crashes in to the water...all is calm after it hits then BOOOM!!! the water splits open to see that as ailen has come up from the dark waters this is how the man know as doomsday is shown... But you see that the crystal that lex set in the ocean has went threw the monster and has given him crystal holes threw out his body he sees lex and kitty and moves towards them. The monster said he is from new crypton ( like lord zod in part 2) He said he has been scouting the man know as the last son of cryton for years know and wants to see how is really a god among men. lex scared for his life tells him he will bring his Superman if he promise that if he is to kill superman he will let him ruel earth. Doomsday agrees.
They show superman in a huge field flyin with his son. louis who tells him of the strength he show in the boat has superman very excited to see that his powers has been passed down. The boy who is still young master his powers lifts up a rock and throws it in to a near by lake...Superman knows he can't be with his mother but he seems happy that he has a offspring to love and care for. As the story goes along and superman saves helpless people all around the city lex takes doomsday to were louis works at and lets doomsday reek havoc on it killing people and pounding the bulding louis seeing lex begs him to stop but lex just smies and tells doomsday that this right here is your golden ticket to superman... dooms day grabs louis by her hair and lifts her off the ground jason his man runs to grab her but doomsday uses his free hand and kills him with one hit and smacks his body away louis then notice that jimmy has her son and is running out of the damage bulding lex grabs him and knocks out jimmy. Superman who is seen flying full speed at doomsday tackles him down and useis his speed to catch louis... She tell his lex got there son. superman sees lex run to the subway near by superman trys to fly but his leg is being pulled by doomsday who throws him in to a pile of damage cabs... louis hurt limps to the subway almost gets in when she sees jason dead body on the floor she runs the him and start to cry. Superman uses his eye beem to see if he can burn doomsday no look at all they punch each other ...doomsday grabs him and runs threw a near by bulding with superman head first. H laughs and calls his joke as he gets on his keens and pounds superman... superman heart is with his son and louis not the fight he is able to kick doomsday in the face and grab a car and throw it at him dooms day hits the car away but just as he dose that another car comes flying at him dead on. Superman flys towards louis and flys away doomsday laughs and starts to destroy the city people scream for help as he has no choice but ot leave for ass you see the reaso9n superman can't fight that had is because the crystal in doomsday has cryptonite in it. He takes louis in the subway were they see a brokein down tran... little jason had rasied hell in there and freeded him self doomsdays breaks the floor and comes crashing down in to the subway superman flays away again with his family lex tells doomsday that the boy is the son of superman doomsday goes after the boy.superman is loseing his power and rest just outside the sub way were Jason sees his earth dad dead and crys and run towards his body louis fallows then again doomsday breaksthe floors pops up and grabs the boy who in return uses his speed to get away doomsday then picks up the dead body and tells him he will crush it even more if the boy dose not come with him superman flys from the back but doomsday threw the dead body in to superman. They fight on as louis tell herson to use his spped and take them out of there. superman yells run at them as he is gettin pounded away.. the ary comes by then and lets out a full asult on doomsday who watch ass bullets and missle bouceing off of him, he takes them out ot superman fights doomsday again with the sun beeming down in a heat wave to give him more power over the crystal. Superman grabs one of the crystal and breaks it ot see that doomsday and the crystal has mended in to 1. Superman notice this and starts to attack the crystal and throw them around lex who comes back up grab a crystal and stabs superman in the leg with it just like be for is now in massive pain superman breaks it off and doomsday takes the opening and attack superman again superman ripes off a crystal out of doomsday chest and doomsday falls down dead.... or so it sees superman turns ot lex and is about to punch him when dooms day grabs superman in a bear hug and the crystals go right threw him all over.... out of nowear comes beline it or not batman comes and pulls doomsday and break off alot of crystal he usees his gun to take superman ontop of a high bulding and places him there so his body can recover from the sun light batman gets in the bat mobile and runs overdooms day who stil gets up and smashes the ground nad sends a shock way that flips the mobile over. batman ejects out and the fight is on doomsday grabs mat man and throws him... batman gets up and grabs a smoke bomb out of his bealt and gets out the way. Superman healed up 75% flys down and the fighti s on lex smiles to see superman is hurt batman reappers in bakc of doomsdays and holds him as superman attakcs him with a eye beem punch that kills doomsday for good. Superman is hurt and batman tells him to flip his car over...Batman who later tells superman that his enemy know as the Joker his bought a jade dragon with the money comeing from lex corp superman looks to see a purple gas take over the area when its clear lex is gone and you can hear a sick laugher in the back ground its the Joker who takes lex with him superman and batman agree that they must stop these two mad men. Superman flys to louis to see her laugheing out loud on the floor he sees the sign of batman on the floor the kid is gone and superman thiks that batman joker and lex were ploting to trick him from the start superman takes louis to the doctor tells his mom to watch over him as he leaves for gothom city to look for his son witch will lead to Batman Vs Superman.

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Default Re: My Superman: the Man of Steel

ok here we go first off the doomsday thing you did it well as long as you dont have superman die, because there would be no point in him diein when he basicly died in SR dieing back to back dont work in my opinon, having DD kill richard good but i dont know about throwing dead bodys around at each other sounds a lil brutal for a superman film. also haveing DD been looking for superman i dont know about that, because so much kryton travel got cut from SR so we really cant explain on how hes been looking for him. now if you were to have him made from NK that we be brilliant. and you mentioned lex corp, good but u didnt explain how lex actually got lex corp u kinda jus threw it in there. And now the batman thing sorry man dont think so rumor has it they r making 2 batman movies and 2 superman movies and the third will have both of them in it jus rumor. but jus having batman in it and joker throws it off that wont work no, plus i dont think batman can remotly do anything to DD wat so ever but confuse him with his detective talk. and since richard is dead you should explain up one how that affects lois and jason and superman. and also need to explain wat happens to lex. All in all its good, very nice action, but as for me i would pay through the nose to see this, but as from being a real sequal your a bit off.
no offense bout any of this, you wanted an opinon, and at least it was solid, good job.

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Default Re: My Superman: the Man of Steel

Yeah you right you see i have body thrown about just cause most villians in a comic book are week really don't do nothing and you can almost pre tell what going ot happen next in most movies but to have muder and burtal killings make it more dare i say real.

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