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Default The SR Sequel Percentages: Chances that _____ will happen in the sequel.

Chance that all actors will reprise their roles: 95%

Not that all roles will return, but for the returning roles, the same actors will reprise their role. Through all the humdrum, Routh did manage to turn out a respectable Superman. Kate Bosworth has a teenage look, but she did good enough for a sequel. Kevin Spacey would probably return as Lex, if they decided to bring back Lex Luthor. The only role in danger is probably Superman's kid. Real aging doesn't wait for movie aging, it will depend on what direction they go in the movie.

Chance that we will receive a super-villain in the sequel: 95%

If there is one thing pretty much everyone can agree on, Superman Returns needed more action! The first sequel with Christopher Reeve proved how fun it is to watch super-villains battle it out. Expect Brainiac, Bizarro, General Zod, or one of the famous villains to pop up in the first sequel, even if Lex Luthor is brought back. All superhero films eventually become villain inserting machines. They key is to make the story work with 2 or 3 new badguys added each sequel.

Chance of James Marsden getting killed off in the sequel or not coming back: 90%

Sorry Cyclops fans, your guy might suffer the same fate again in a superhero sequel. It doesn't make sense to keep him around and have Superman as the constant homewrecking threat. Lois and Supes were meant to be, you can't stop destiny. Lois Lane will find out Clark's identity soon enough to go with the current comics theme, and the previous Superman movies. I predict Marsden is taken out in the next movie, much more heroically than his death in X-Men 3, but he may not even make it to the screen. They may do the "Vicki Vale dumping" and mysteriously off him inbetween movies even though there appeared to be a lasting bond. If Singer doesn't come back and have say over the script, expect his mysterious disappearance to be even more likely.

Chance that "Super Kid" will start getting bigger roles: 85%

Sorry fans of extinguishing cheeseball antics, the kid's role is probably going to get bigger. They have no choice. You can't leave Superman's kid and "girlfriend" out of future movies without making him appear like a deadbeat dad. The audience also loves "Super Kid" pushing a piano into a bad guy even if it makes comic fans everywhere groan. It's going to be like the original Batman franchise. As soon as another director takes over and the producer and execs gets more say, it's going to get ridiculous. Let's just hope he remains a minor role for at least one more film.

Chance there will be a Superman Returns 2 sequel: 80%

Even though the movie will lose money at the theaters, it's still going to take in big bucks through merchandising and DVD sales. It's also important to consider that the costs probably include all the failed efforts to get the Superman franchise started again. Hollywood still loves it superheroes, and if Fantastic Four received a sequel, so will Superman Returns, with a likely studio-ordered trim to the budget for this new Superman.

Chance that Lois Lane finds out Clark Kent/Superman's identity: 80%

It's a given now in the Superman universe that Lois knows Clark's secret. It's probably going to happen. Even more likely if Singer takes over and continues his trend to copy ideas, lines and plots from the previous Superman movies.

Chance of Bryan Singer returning: 50%

No public declarations yet on him making a sequel. He didn't end the movie like Christopher Nolan did in Batman Begins in a scene that pretty much guaranteed a sequel. Hollywood might be scared of the "gay issue" returning. Singer has shown he isn't afraid to leave a franchise he has given life to. He's also always talked about this movie as an effort to revive the popular Richard Donner vision, not a new line of Superman movies.

Chance of the Doomsday/Death of Superman story in the sequel: 25%

It probably won't happen since Singer had his own mini Death of Superman story in the first movie. It wouldn't work since the audience already saw Superman in the ER room, being stabbed with kryptonite, and other near death scenes. As cool as it would be, it just won't work now that SR has already stolen many of the same ideas. It's also important to remember that the Doomsday issues where really just one constant fight, with one superhero after the next getting his butt kicked until it was finally time for Superman to face him.. It would be hard to transfer that to the big screen, unless you threw in another bad guy. Maybe Brainiac or Luthor controlling Doomsday?

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