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Default How Worthington Will Profit

I haven't visited the X3 forum since June, so if someone already presented this theory, my bad.

Right, so Warren Worthington decided to use his pharmaceutical company to find a cure for being a mutant. Of course, he does this because he believes his son, Angel, is suffering. We're then shown countless mutants lining up outside of Worthington's labs, either asking to be cured or protesting. But with people like Rogue (who have no jobs or money) getting this cure, that must mean the cure is free. Right? So, how does Worthington's company cut its losses for producing high quantities of this serum and giving it away for free?

By making it temporary.

It's simple: have countless mutants line up to get the cure for free, they enjoy being regular humans for a couple of weeks, and suddenly their mutations start coming back. They need another dose, but how long will it last? That's when Worthington releases a slightly weaker dose of the cure in pill form, and puts it on the open market. Mutants and parents of mutants get prescriptions from their doctors, and visit their local pharmacies to buy the cure-pill. The version of the cure within the pill is so weak, it has to be taken daily, and the prescription has to be renewed every month.

Get people hooked for free, and then jack up the price. Oldest drug dealing trick in the book.

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Default Re: How Worthington Will Profit

I think you're digging too deep into it.

And I think people are looking too much into Magneto's moving chess piece.

Mystique and Rogue were both shown to be cured. Magneto, however, is a much higher class than either of them, and I think the logical explanation is that given Leech's probably mutant class, his DNA isn't strong enough to permanently negate a mutant as powerful as Magneto. Hence, the cure is permanent, but only weakens Magneto, doesn't take his powers away. Or his never worked on him period.

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Default Re: How Worthington Will Profit

Hmmmm Magneto is isn't that much higher as Rogue...... And who says the Cure isn't permanent I think.... Rogue and Mystique will get their powers back for a potential X4

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