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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - - Part 83

Originally Posted by LEVITIKUZ View Post
Yes because Kraven is the obvious choice to go next with the "Everything Is Oscorp" theme going.
They almost made Rhino not Oscorp.
But of course, make him predictable like all the others -_-.
Seriously Sony, give us ONE villian that's at least just HIRED by Oscorp

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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - - Part 83

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
If they actually did something interesting with the parents storyline I could see a credible argument for them being used in this franchise. But it was one of the least interesting dull aspects of these movies, and the so called pay off to the 'untold story' being Spider-Man was in Peter's DNA all along was just idiotic.
Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
The parents angle imo is something this franchise did very right. It gave the reboot a bit of a facelift. I wouldnt change much of it other than richards secret lair he somehow secretly created
As I said, I'm in favor of his parents being in the franchise, just not prolonging their story in TASM2.

I thought it touched an aspect fans such as myself, others, and the GA probably have wondered about in previous films (not comparing it).

The opening scene was emotional as well, in my opinion. It kind of brought me to a low point as the plane crashed, but picked me right back up as Spidey's logo appears and he's swinging into the city. I thought that was brilliantly done.

Additionally, I think it's something that had to be brought up at some point. Every kid who's parents go missing is left with an emotional impact, either hating their parents or wondering where they went. I don't think future reboots will need to address it now, but I'm happy to have seen it on the big screen in this series. It's just efficiently using their storyline would have made room for better character development not only for Harry, but probably Max, too.

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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - - Part 83

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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