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Default "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

So, will there be a "fantastic voyage" sequence in a future film where Scott Lang and possibly Hank Pym have to save the life of somebody like Tony Stark or Pepper Potts, and so they get to shrink down to microscopic size and travel through their body, and get the offending item or attack the virus, whatever--

I can see this being incorporated into a future Marvel film, just not an outright Ant-Man sequel.

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Default Re: "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

That would be amazing, I'd like something like that in a future Marvel film. I wish I could be Ant-Man and just see what it's like to be tiny and explore the area.

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Default Re: "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

Can Ant-Man go microscopic?

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Old 05-27-2015, 04:48 AM   #4
the gael
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Default Re: "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

Something like Wark Waid did with Hank Pym in Daredevil ? I would love it !

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Default Re: "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

Originally Posted by wampa1 View Post
Can Ant-Man go microscopic?
Yes he can. It's been established in the comics. Though in this case, MCU Scott Lang isn't remotely used to that kind of shrinking. We don't know yet if MCU Hank Pym has ever had blood-cell sized adventures yet. The "Microverse" could be its own movie, but also pushes certain boundaries of fantasy. We'll see.

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Default Re: "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

They could shrink Hulk to the Microverse and tell The Brute that Shouted Love at the Heart of the Atom story.

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Default Re: "Fantastic Voyage" sequence?

In the comics, Scott Lang had to shrink to get inside Iron Man's armour to rescue him, because it was frozen after a battle with the Hulk. So instead of seeing inside a human body, you'd see inside Iron Man's armour and all the circuitry and electronics.

But they could have a trip inside the microverse/ Quantum Realm to rescue Jan.

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