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Default X-Men III

I've been doing a bit of writing in the past and kind of geared my way to X-Men...and decided to write a version of what X3 could have been. In this version, its mostly about Jean and Scott...

“ is the key to our evolution. It is how we’ve evolved from a single cell organism and into the dominate species of the planet. This process is slow, taking thousands and thousands of years but every few millennia, evolution leaps forward.” – Jean Grey

Twenty years earlier before the events of X-Men II: United

"Are you sure about this, Charles?" Asked Erik who was walking alongside his friend, who sat in a wheel chair. "Of course I am, Erik. I am just as anxious as you are in meeting Ms Grey, a possible candidate for my school." Erik shook his head and sighed as they neared closer to the door of the Grey's house. "There are many mutants in this world. Why this one?" "She's unique,” Charles said as he smiled.

Mr Grey stared at the man in the wheelchair and back at his wife who seemed all too quiet. "Hmm. Professor Xavier's school for gifted come we haven't heard about this until now?" "John..." Elaine said for she didn't quite like her husband's tone of voice. "I dunno...Elaine. After the events of what happened to Annie...I just want what's best for our daughter." "You must trust my every word of all that I have explained. It is a safe place for Jean and other's alike." When Xavier finished, a young boy stepped forward. "This is Scott Summers, one of my latest recruits. Would it be possible to meet your daughter?" "Of course. Jean?" Elaine called out for Jean to come into the living room. A young girl suddenly appeared and sat down on the couch before the two men. Her eyes focused on them at first but turned her attention to the young boy who stood next to the professor. "Who are you?" She asked. "Forgive me. My name is Charles Xavier and I am here on behalf of my school, which is a place for young students like your-self, Jean." She gave Scott a glance or two and turned to face Xavier. “See? Don’t think you’re the only one who can read people’s minds. You’re not alone as you might have thought and you and I are no different from each other.” Suddenly, things in the room began to float in midair. Impressed with her abilities, Xavier smiled warmly at Jean. “Would you be interested in joining my school? The choice is yours alone. I can assure you that with my guidance, you will be able to learn to control your powers before it could control you. How about it, Jean? Are you in?” “I’m in,” she said. “Good. It’s settled then. You’ve made the right choice, Jean. You and Scott will be among my first students. I will be able to teach you everything you want to know in life besides learning to control your powers.” “How so?” “With patience and time,” Xavier said.

Once Jean said her goodbyes to her parents, she followed Xavier, Erik and Scott out to the car. There was nothing but silence within the car as they made their way to the school when Jean turned to eye Scott. “What’s your mutation?” Before Scott could speak, Xavier spoke for him. “Scott is capable of producing optic red energy blasts from his eyes; therefore, he must wear protective sunglasses at all times for the rest of his life.” “Does it hurt?” Scott turned to face her. “Every time.” They arrived at the mansion sooner than expected but once everyone piled out of the car except for Erik, Charles turned towards him. “Are you sure you don’t want to join us, Erik?” “Not today, Charles. At least not this day. I think it’s for the best we do not cross paths again for some time but until then, just remember what I’ve said, old friend...don’t get in my way.” With that, he drove off into the distance. “What was that all about, Professor?” Scott asked. “In both will understand,” said Charles as he watched Erik disappear down the road and was never seen again until many years later.

Fifteen years the not so distant future...

“That will be all for today. Make sure you have your assignments completed to hand in to me on Friday,” Professor X reminded his students before they took off for the rest of the day. As Jean Grey was about to leave, a young man held a door for her. She smiled as she brushed past him, “Thanks, Scott.” “You’re welcome,” he said calmly, without trying not to be nervous around her. He swallowed hard as she past him but not before she disappeared down the narrow hallway, he followed to catch up to her. “Hey Jean...” he called out to her and this made her turn around. “Are we still on for later? You said you’d help me with my thesis paper...” “Of course, Scott. How can I forget?” She said, turning around. Scott took a deep breath and then swallowing hard, he didn’t know what else to say for he was a loss for words. “Uh...” “Is there something on your mind, Scott?” She asked but deep down she began to realize how he felt about her and yet, she wasn’t quite ready to acknowledge that yet. To her, Scott was an exceptionally nice guy and he was different because of the way he treated her. She liked him but something in her heart made her think twice about wanting something more. “No...I was just making sure wither we were still on for later today.” “Okay...I’ll see you then,” she said, flashing him a warm smile and with that she walked away from him. Scott watched her go, but he couldn’t help but noticed just how beautiful she looked in that red dress of hers. The way the dress showed off her long legs and the way she moved down the hallway, was enough indication that he was very much infatuated with this woman. Taking a moment to himself, he let out a sigh and walked down the opposite direction.

Later that day, there was a knock on his door and Scott went to open it and there she was, standing there still wearing that red dress with a white lab coat over top. “Jean...” He said and let her into his room. She took off the lab coat and laid it on the edge of his bed before sitting down on the bed. Getting a little comfy, she slid one leg over top of the other and Scott couldn’t help but swallow hard. He knew he had to tell how he felt before he could lose her completely and he didn’t want that. They were now in their mid twenties, soon to be in their thirties but to Scott, age didn’t matter so much to him. Though having her help him complete his thesis paper wasn’t the only reason he asked her to be here but part of him realized that Jean had already suspected that. He could tell she was trying not to use telepathy powers to read his mind. He wondered if she knew just how much of a crush he had on her and after so long being really good friends to each other. Scott swallowed hard again. “Jean...there’s something I want to say to you but I can’t find the right““Tell me how you feel about me,” she finished his sentence for him. Scott looked down but Jean rose to her feet and walked casually towards him. “You know, I’ve been feeling the same way about you too for some time...and sometimes, we can’t always help how we feel.” “No...Your right,” he said nodding in agreement. “Scott...there’s nothing wrong with how you feel. Nothing you should feel ashamed of. I understand.” “I think the fact is, Jean. We get each other after being friends for so long...I can’t get you out of my mind.” She smiled and slid her hands up to rest on his chest. Scott stared down and caught her by the wrists before sliding his hands down her arms. “It’s okay...Scott. I trust you.” Scott breathed and then leaned into her for a kiss. The kiss was sensual at first, but as their lips were locked against each other, neither of them couldn’t help themselves. They kissed passionately as Scott held her close to him and soon it was over and Jean slipped her arms around his neck. Together they shared a hug – one they couldn’t escape from just yet. “Oh Scott...I’m so glad we found each other.” “Me too,” he said. “I mean...I’ve always felt this way about you but I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

He looked down at her and something made him feel bad as if she looked deeply into his soul and was searching every corner. Do I really deserve this girl? He asked himself, but when she only stared up into his face, there was no denying deep within her how she felt about him. “I wish I could see you without these glasses,” he said trying to end the silence between them but Jean smiled warmly at him with a slight giggle. “I’m sure we can work on that,” she sighed, hesitating at first when she brought her hands up to reach for his glasses. “Jean no! I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want to hurt you.” “I don’t want you to hurt me either but this could be the only way if you want to see me.” She heard Scott sigh as she slowly removed his glasses and set them down on the edge of the bed. Raising her hands steady, she focused hard on pushing back the optic beams of red light from surfacing but as she tried, certain objects around the room began to float in midair. “Open them,” she said but Scott couldn’t bear to open his eyes for her. He slightly opened his eyes and a dim red light appeared. Fearing she couldn’t control it any further, she used her physic powers to lift Scott’s glasses off the edge of the bed and moved it towards his eyes with her mind. Scott adjusted his glasses just as the things that were levitated were set down to the ground with a thud. Swallowing hard, he held Jean’s hands with his as she ceased to use her powers. “I’m sorry Scott...I thought I could do it,” she apologized to him. “It’s alright...I guess I’ll just have to get used to seeing you in red like I always do.” Jean sighed and mustered a smile. “One of these days, Scott, we’ll make it work somehow.” Scott smiled at her. “I should go,” he heard her say but at the same time when he nodded, he didn’t want her too. “It’s getting late.” She leaned into him and kissed him on the cheek, much to his liking but before he knew it, she was gone...


Present Day – post Alkali lake incident and Jean Grey’s death...


“Jean!?!” He awoke to find that he was alone in his bed and the first thing that came to mind was Jean. Since the day when she gave up her life at Alkali Lake, Scott had been trying to cope over his loss of the one woman he loved and it hurt like hell. He wished all too deeply that she was here – with him and knowing that he couldn’t go back and change the past; this made him sink deeper into depression. He had awoken from a dream of the time when he first told Jean how he felt about her and it was like a distant memory that he wanted to hold onto for eternity. Sometimes, he would sense she was with him everywhere he went but every time he did, his nightmares of her would haunt him. If he could change one thing, it would be to be with Jean again. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her. What hurt him the most were the words he said to her, “I won’t let anything happen to you,” and look where it got them. He sat up at the edge of the bed, tears streamed down his face as he tried to prevent them from coming but he couldn’t hold them back. “Jean...” he said but he knew she wouldn’t hear his voice because she was long dead. Scott glanced up and with a determination on his face; he got up out of bed. He had been bed ridden for weeks now since Jean’s passing and she was all he could ever think about, day in and day out. Why did she have to die? He kept asking himself. There had to be another way to save her. He knew there was but deep down; he knew Jean wouldn’t have let anyone save her when she was saving them.

“In the past yes...she might have let us...but she made a choice,” Professor Xavier once said shortly after her death. If Jean needed help, then why on earth didn’t she ask? Why did she leave the jet? These were questions that he wanted answers for and the only way he could get these answers were from Jean alone. But he was too late – even to ask. Scott felt his eyes weld up with more incoming tears and he realized he couldn’t help himself of how he felt about his loss. It cut him so deeply like an edge of a knife that he didn’t know whom to talk to about his feelings. With a sigh, he got dressed and sitting on the bed again with a bag packed, he was confronted by another haunted image of Jean, engulfed by water and was calling out to him. “Jean...” he almost said too silently. It was time. Time to confront his lover’s grave in solitude.

"Being irrational and out of control is what happens in real life.
Not cautiously choreographing your anger or your emotions, losing yourself in them is what happens in real life."

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