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Default Batman: Wayne Industries Demonology

Can Batman (DC Comics) stories about the insanity of terrorism be wed to modernism anxieties regarding industrialization-related mischief?


Bruce Wayne had become Gotham City's ultimate socialite and businessman and his multi-billion dollar company Wayne Industries (involved in military weapons, cyber-technologies, renewable energy plants, and war-themed children's toys) was considered by most to be the new American super-company. However, Wayne was deeply troubled that his secret night-time work as a masked vigilante named Batman (aka, 'The Dark Knight') was not complete. Batman had to deal with very strange nemeses, all of whom could be considered both criminally insane and dangerous.

Batman's nemeses included Poison Ivy (an eco-terrorist), Mad Hatter (a logic-trickster and kidnapper), Scarecrow (a masked maniac wielding a deadly fear-toxin), and Mr. Freeze (an emotionally brooding monster with a liquid nitrogen 'ice-gun'). Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, and Mr. Freeze formed an 'evil coalition' called The Gotham Destroyers. They believed Batman was most likely Bruce Wayne and wanted to use some Wayne Industries fiasco to lure Batman into a metropolitan 'death-trap.'

Wayne Industries was hosting a children's tour of Gotham Aquarium on Halloween, and kids were given Aquaman masks and costumes to wear to the aquarium, and Jason Momoa (star of the new Aquaman film) would make a celebrity appearance and sign autographs for the kids. Wayne Industries even had the kids wear special company badges, so the press would take their photos and mark the special ecosystem education event as an achievement in post-Industrialization 'socialization.' Of course, the Gotham Destroyers thought this event was a complete farce and veil for capitalism vanities.

When the kids showed up on Halloween, dressed in costumes and wearing Wayne Industries ('WI') badges, the hosts and executives and chaperones and event-planners were ready with balloons, music, and tons of candy. Jason Momoa was there too, and he signed numerous autographs for the youngsters excited about the new Aquaman film. Bruce Wayne was not there, but had sent his best wishes for the occasion. Suddenly, the Gotham Destroyers broke in, all wearing Aquaman masks!

The evil-doers held all the kids and employees of Gotham Aquarium hostage and sealed off all entrances (with electric-locks) and parking inways (with mines). Scarecrow sent a radio message to the Gotham Gazette: "Batman must show up and deal with us or face the consequence!" The evil-doers had all the kids wear latex gloves while Poison Ivy photographed them with her smartphone. She then uploaded the photos onto the Internet with the message, "Gotham kids of modern times need protective gloves to visit the Aquarium which is obviously a guise for capitalism uselessness!" The kids started screaming, an Jason Momoa fainted.

When Momoa woke up, he found himself in Wayne Mansion laying on a couch in the large den in front of a fireplace. Bruce Wayne was standing above him and told him, "Don't be scared. I rescued the kids and brought you here to help me with something. You see, Mr. Momoa...I'm Batman!" Batman/Bruce turned the TV on for Jason and the news report confirmed what Jason as told --- Batman had swooped into the aquarium and used tear-gas to knock out the Gotham Destroyers before distributing gas-masks to all the kids who quickly put them on.

Jason asked Batman what exactly he was supposed to do, and when Batman/Bruce explained, Jason realized that movies (and the entertainment industry and media in general) had become a conduit for 'productive propaganda':

"Mr. Momoa, people have lost faith in institutions and simply do not care for the competitive spirit of capitalism, which is ironically vital for the psychological vitality of America (and Gotham City!). What I would like you to do is wear these special gold-tin helmet-masks I've made for you to a media press interview and tell the public that your new Aquaman film can be interpreted as a new age pro-industrialization symbol of technology optimism. After all, Aquaman's nemesis Black Manta devises evil underwater gadgets! With your help, Jason, 'The Dark Knight' can become a 'midwife' to pro-modernism graffiti! What I want is for people to think that Batman defends Wayne Industries, simply because the company invests in manufacturing creativity, but I need the support of the people (the real heroes)."


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Default Re: Batman: Wayne Industries Demonology

[This is V...Transmitting from a nondescript bunker underground]

Uncle Sam's deceitful tactics have been discovered by the resistance.
Nurturing capitalism subliminally thru media outlets of all forms.
Big brother is watching you....and now shaping the way you think.

[End of transmission]

"I am everyone and no one. Everywhere. Nowhere. Call me... Darkman."
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