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Default Re: Remember the Phantom Menace Hype of 98/99?

No I was 5

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Happy Jack
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Default Re: Remember the Phantom Menace Hype of 98/99?

I don't think I've ever experienced such a culturally wide-spread anticipation for a movie, or anything really, like there was for Episode I. I was the perfect age for it at the time and I remember collecting the fast food collectibles and generally being inundated with the marketing and hype for the movie. Star Wars was just this massive thing that everyone knew about and liked. I must have seen the OT before that but I don't remember when. It was like it was always there.

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Default Re: Remember the Phantom Menace Hype of 98/99?

I remember QVC, the shopping channel did shows to promote the film…still have my Ep 1 watches , and I have the Pizza Hut (?) lids/cups, Jar Jar and Padme stare back at me every time I open my closet….but back to QVC, I always remember a lady, a customer calling in saying how sad she was when she found out Anakin becomes Darth Vader…lol.

actually…I miss when the shopping channels did film and comic book related shows…the last comic related shows I remember were for X-Men The Last Stand…

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Default Re: Remember the Phantom Menace Hype of 98/99?

Originally Posted by Uncle Radiation View Post
Grown adults fighting for toys is my lasting memory of the Phantom Menace hype/marketing.
I distinctly recall several TPM toys trickling out and giving collectors the false impression that they were rare. Online selling was starting to rise at this point, and those collectors flocked to MBs and auction sites to buy "rare" toys. Then a colossal glut of TPM toys (perhaps the most ever for any movie) hit just about every store in the country. By 2000, toys for which people had paid 5X retail were clogging pegs in the clearance aisles.

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