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Default Re: The General Comic Discussion Thread

Ya know, when I decided to buy this story and even when it came in the mail, there was something about the cover that just made me feel like I was gonna love this comic. It wasn't even necessarily seeing Loeb and Sale's names that did that but just the cover and the name "Superman For All Seasons".....Can't really put my finger on why but it just stood out to me and caught my attention.

Well finally I got to read the book and just finished a couple minutes ago and boy was I glad that I was right about this book.

Now I knew that, in light of the framing device Loeb used in The Long Halloween where the story and time frame was chronicled by each holiday, that I should expect this Superman story to have time lapses chronicled by each season. That aside though, what really won me over about this book that despite it not having this grand overarching Villain conflict (unless you count the whole thing with Luthor plaguing the city and using that biochemist woman to not only help cure the virus but have her death be a catalyst in running Superman out of the city for some time) but focus more on the effect/perspectives of the people important in his life as Clark and Superman. Whether it's Jonathan and Martha Kent watching their son get more powerful while watching him come to grips with what he can/should do with them, Lana's love and concern for Clark along with her getting over her heartbreak caused by him moving to Metropolis, Lois Lane being taken by how someone capable of what Superman can do is using his power for good or Lex Luthor's envy and resentment at Superman becoming the new crown jewel of Metropolis, it all works to make a very moving/touching look at the Man of Steel that one may not have considered before reading this book. It's also a real shame that this hasn't gotten an animated adaptation or that Loeb and Sale didn't do a follow up story of some kind for this because this book is just that good to me.

There are not a lot of works I give a 9/10 to but this is an exception to the rule.

For anyone curious about Superman this is definitely a must read.

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Default Re: The General Comic Discussion Thread

Hey guys, I've been on the hype for a while now and typically frequent the DCEU movies threads, but this is my first post on the comics side of the forums. I was curious to see if anyone had a link or knew where I could find all of the variant covers for the Dark Knights Metal #1 event in August. I've seen a few variants floating around, but it looks like there are some incredible retailer exclusives, and I'd love to find out how to purchase those.
Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: The General Comic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sweetre15 View Post
So I finally finished Superman: Birthright

....Man, if there is one compliment I can pay Mark Waid, it's that he knows how to write a good Superman story. The way he reinvented Superman by incorporating the S as something from Superman's kryptonian heritage as well as drawing a nice fine line between Superman deciding to become a Superhero out of the values instilled in him by the Kents and his time in Africa along with his desire to embrace his Kryptonian heritage with the S on his chest. Along with coming up with explanations behind how the Clark Kent persona actually works by largely making him as unremarkable as possible. Whether it's the glasses changing the shape of his face and dulling his blue eyes along with his suit being there to hide his impressive physique and making him walk in a way that also makes him seem bland is altogether a nice way to explain why people don't put two and two together when it comes to Clark and Superman. The whole overall story that builds up over whether or not Superman can be trusted is one I'm familiar with but never stop enjoying nonetheless especially with how even when he wanted to give up, he didn't despite everything looking bleak for him.

What was also a really nice touch was the way Waid reimagined the Golden Age backstory of how Clark and Lex were friends back in Smallville. To where in this Lex was alienated because of how much his intelligence and seemingly anti-social nature made people afraid of him despite him growing up rich and to where his falling out with Clark was caused by his experiment giving him radiation poisoning...which made Lex think Clark was looking at him in disgust like everyone else was. Though the experiment failed, Luthor would go on to move from Smallville and erase his name from any records and people would do their best not to talk about him. I also liked the idea of Lex being a rich and famous astrobiologist which to me is a nice way of combining the mogul most are familiar with now with his angry scientist background from the Golden age.

Everything in the story from the action, writing and artwork is excellent and overall I give this book an 8.5/10
Great review Sweetre. I love Birthright.
My only knock might be how Jonathan Kent is written. I am an adoptive father myself, and I understand that adoptive kids have differences and that can be difficult. (Of course, with me it is that one of my sons is of a different race whereas Jonathan is dealing with super powers...a little different I'm sure). Still Jonathan comes across too threatened by Clark's destiny. I guess I wish he was a stronger character in that particular comic. Although I admit that is from a personal perspective.

And you have convinced me to read For All Seasons and I'll be picking that one up this week.

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Default Re: The General Comic Discussion Thread

The third crossover of KFC/DC has been announced.

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Default Re: The General Comic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by geetard View Post
The third crossover of KFC/DC has been announced.
I didn't even know there was a one and two.


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Default Re: The General Comic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by MMMMM...Pancakes View Post
I didn't even know there was a one and two.
They're pretty fun.

Issue #3 is out (free for a limited time):

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