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The Overlord
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Default Using B-list comic book characters in different franchises in other media

Movies and TV shows based on Marvel comics often use villains and supporting characters from the franchise they are adapting, but occasionally a movie or TV show will use villains or supporting characters from a different franchise:

The new Ant Man and Wasp movie has the Ghost, an Iron Man villain, as the villain of the piece. Ego the Living Planet is traditionally a Fantastic Four villain who was used as the main villain of Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2.

The Jessica Jones shows uses several characters not really associated with that franchise (HellCat, Whizzer, Nuke, etc). The Agent Carter show used Madame Masque and Dr. Faustus.

So what do you think of this practice? I will note they do this in the comics and sometimes it works well (Kingpin being a B-list Spidey villain till he became Daredevil's arch enemy in the 80s, for example).

Also are there any B-list characters you would like to see used in a different franchise in the movies and TV shows?

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Default Re: Using B-list comic book characters in different franchises in other media

It's pragmatic and makes sense when the protagonist. Part of the reason they chose Ghost for the Ant-Man sequel is, well, how many notable Scott Lang villains can you name? He doesn't have many. Ditto for Jessica Jones. She pretty much has Purple Man and that's it.

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