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A God Named Sparkles?
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Default The Supernatural War RPG Season I IC/Game thread


Climperoonie - Werewolf/Head GM
Spidey's Super fan - Human GM
Catman_prb - Vampire GM

  • For now, you may NOT have more than one character.
  • If you wish to be a Human, then change your mind after posting, you must RE-APPLY as a Werewolf or Vampire, then have your Human be bitten by a Werewolf or Vampire.
  • If you are unhappy with just being a normal Werewolf, Vampire or Human, there are variants, such as the Skinless Werewolf (See the Werewolf section of racial stats for more info)
  • Normal Hype! rules apply
  • Have fun!

*If I have missed anything out, could my fellow GMs notify me please, as this is my first created RPG.

The Story of the War:
Long ago, the head Vampire create a creature like no other. It was a wolf, but it could stand on it's hind legs and had limbs like Humans and Vampires. It was a vicious beast, ruthless and very strong. The Vampires used to train against it, treating it like a punching bag. But, like most animals, it evolved. Physically, it didn't evolve much different. But mentally, it became smarter. Much Smarter. It realised it could be much more than a living punching bag for Vampires. It broke free of it's chains, and ran. The Vampires were not worried. There was only one, and one alone. However, the head vampire had made one mistake whilst engineering it: It had accidently passed on the ability to bite people and turn them to their own kind. As the conflict came into the 21st century, humans were noticing. This chain of events started the Supernatural War.
So, my friends, allow yourselves to be bitten and become a superior being like a Werewolf or Vampire, or stay as a Human and fight us with your Petty guns and swords.

Racial Stats:
The Vampires are very civallized, like the ones from Underworld, but more evil. Think Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. They all share the same hatred for Werewolves, and couldn't care less about Humans. They do however, respect Human's civallized manner, so they generally go undercover when hunting Werewolves in a crowded place. They would only bite a uman were the numbers in their squad that has been sent out against the wolves go low. All Vampires (Bar the leader) hate Sunlight. If they wanna go out in daytime, it either has to be so stormy the sun is blotted out by clouds, or they have to wear sunglasses and one of those face cloths that people wear in the desert, gloves over their hands, and some kind of neck protector. Their only other weakness is being torn apart by a Werewolf (Though because Vampires are really good fliers, they will fly out of the way most of the time if this is attempted).
The Werewolves are kind of civallized. When someone is bitten, if they do not seek out the Werewolf clan straight away, the Leader will place bad dreams in the person's head, so that they then will seek out the Werewolf clan. When Werewolves have their first transformation (In this, they transform every night), they become the bloodthirsty beasts that have no memories or anything, and would just slaughter everything. On their third transformation, they keep their memories and Human personalities, but feel more evil. Fifth, they can start to morph at will. But, by the fifth Transformation, the strain in the Werewolves' genes that makes the person come to hate Humans and Vampires will have taken effect. Werewolves can be killed by humans if they are shot in the heart ten times with a silver bullet in the space of one minute (Though because Werewolves are really fast, this has not yet been accomplished). The only other way [Note: This does not work on the Leader] is to shoot the Human after the fifth transformation (Although after the fifth Transformation, they bascally stay Werewolves). Shoot them before, and a skinless horrifying Werewolf-beast will burst from the corpse and rip you to shreds.

And now, for your ascent into Fame, the applications for you joing the ranks of the armies. If you wish to become a beast of pure nightmare, a Werewolf, fill in this simple form:
Screen Name:

Name of Werewolf:

Fur Colour:

Clothing (If transformation hasn't torn them off):

How long this character has been a Werewolf (How much control the Human has over his werewolf form is defined by Werewolf age):

Colour of Speech:

Three reasons why you have chosen this character:

Do you know how to post pictures on these boards?:

Preview of a post:

If you wish to be a Bloodsucker, the Vampire, fill in this form:
Screen Name:

Name of Vampire:

Skin Colour:


How long this character has been a Vampire:

Colour of Speech:

Three reasons why you have chosen this character:

Do you know how to post pictures on these boards?:

Preview of a post:

To stay as you are, fill in this simple form:
Screen Name:

Name of Human:


Description of character:

Primary Weapon(s):

Colour of Speech:

Three reasons why you have chosen this character:

Do you know how to post pictures on these boards?:

Preview of a post:


Lord Shrike


The Highwayman

... But then again, I think The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the best CBMs ever, so what do I know?
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