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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

Review here... be interested to get your take on it.

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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

I saw Man of Steel today. Liked it very much! Good that there is finally a great new Superman movie. Superman Returns was ok but could have been much better.

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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

(here's Halo10's own personal review of Man of Steel-enjoy )

I enjoyed Man of Steel and thought it was very entertaining and definitely
action-packed – besides being totally re-booted, that alone was the big difference between this Man of Steel and Bryan Stinger’s underwhelming 2006’ Superman Returns. I liked the upgrades to Superman, and the special effects and action scenes are the highlight of the entire film. It’s very fast paced and there was very little lengthy dialogue moments and there is no Lex Luther (Soop’s primary arch rival in comics) and i really like the script and plot of Zod and his soldiers in this one. But there were also a few obvious holes in it from my perspective.

* This film gets off to a very fast start with Jorel and Laura (Superman’s father/mother) en route to the battle with villain General Zod,(who was played well by actor Michael Shannon) The film doesn’t want to waste a lot of time with stretched details of how/why the planet of Kryton is disintergrating and back and forth dramatic debating argument between Jor-el and the high council.

In fact the film can’t wait to get General Zod’s instant rebellion and warfare going.
*Unlike the Reeves/Kidder version of Supeman, I didn’t get anything out of the “romance” click of Superman and Lois Lane and their rather quick relationship seemed rather awkward, so it’s not going to draw any comparisons to Peter Parker/Mary Jane duo.

* Some of the performances were well played but some was a mixed bag. Russell Crowe played a solid job as Jor-el, constantly playing significant spots in not only rebelling vs Zod, creating survival for his only child, and aiding and advising not only his son but a courageous Lois Lane through holograms star Henry Cavill was solid as Superman/Clark Kent but I didn’t get into Kevin Kosner much as Earth-father Johnathan Clark, in fact I thought it was odd thinking of what he advised young confused Clark Kent in response to him saving classmates’ lives but thought it was a bizarre twist in how Father Clarke tragically passed away vs the previous Superman films and the comic.

* I also wasn’t impressed with Lawrence Fishburne as Daily Planet Bugle editor Perry White, it was a far cry from Jackie Cooper’s zany, quick tongue version – nor as a newspaper editor was he appealing as Spiderman’s JJ Jonah Jameson. I thought Fishburne’s version was bland and ordinary as they come and it puzzled me as a newspaper editor not wanting to get a huge selling story of Superman simply because he wanted to prevent a "public panic" .

* Speaking of puzzling, I didn’t like the odd way of how the people of Earth was introduced to Superman by way of him instantly surrendering to General Zod instead of the Soop making public headlines from saving lives from horrific natural disasters, or stopping multiple crimes in it’s tracks en route to the public being in awed of him, before Zod appears out of thin air and not only do we immediately surrender Soop who the public has no knowledge of what he can do, or what “ crimes “he’s done to warrant an arrest, but offer no military resistance or inquiry upon Zod’s arrival ? What ? I even had to snicker at this and thought this was the only moment where the idea of Zod vs the military in 1977 version had an advantage over the 2013 version.

* Another thing is this Superman version is 100% serious and absolutely ZERO sense of humor in it. No light moment anywhere. which is very unusual and a major difference between this film and other Superhero films. Also I just didn’t think they took enough time to Superman getting adjusted to his superpowers (such as we seen from Peter Parker getting clumsily adjusted to his newfound powers) we saw one very quick glimpse of him adjusting to flight control but that was it.

* As much as talk there was of General Zod, I actually got the biggest thrill of all action sequences from, Faora- Ul (played by actress Antje Traue) who was Zod’s top ranking soldier and wife. Not only did I think she was hot but her fighting sequences hand to hand battle with Superman was awesome and the absolute highlight of the entire film, IMO. i especially enjoyed her battle scenes vs Superman more than other battle scenes in the entire films.

* Not only did I like the new Superman uniform but also like the battle uniform garmets and clear-face helmets that Zod and his soldiers possessed. But we got a glimpse of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and his home defensive mechanicisms but what will blow you away and the highlight of the entire film is the brilliant CGI special effects, the flickering speedy Superman battle sequences, where you see heavy objects like diesels, buses, walls, military planes being tossed, entire buildings collapsing and constant explosions, and Krytonians flea-flash and flicker with lightning speed (moving like True Blood Vamps) and being knocked backed hundreds of feet upon impact. The finale battle with Zod is a moment for the morally good Superman in what he has to experience and is forced to do.

* While I really did enjoy Man of Steel, and thought it was a pretty good film, but it’s not a classic to me – and it didn’t wow me, it didn’t make me want to eagerly and immediately see it again as I did the three great films of 2013 (ala Olympus has Fallen, Iron Man 3 and Fast Furious 6) so while it was good, I can’t classified Man of Steel better or equal than either one of those films.

- On a scale of 1 to 10. I give Man of Steel a 7.5

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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

Just watched it, and it does deserve the criticismo it gets, as for the fact that other superhero movies that may suffer some symptoms as this films but don't get the same criticsm, well, that's because execution is key, and this film didn't execute its ideas very well.

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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