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Default Nolan’s Batman Should Be in the Man of Steel Sequel

I wrote this for

Like I say in the post, I'm actually okay with Batfleck and the fact that the DK trilogy was finite. Still, from a business standpoint (and even from a creative one), merging MOS with the Dark Knight universe makes more sense than starting from scratch, especially since Nolan's fingerprints were all over MOS to begin with. Also, all of the most recent rumors (older, retired Batman on the outs with Robin) line up neatly with the Batman we know already.

I make these points in the link, but I wanted to share my ideas on how you could bridge Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel through a 20-minute prologue in the MOS sequel (similar to the Krypton sequence in the first movie).

That's what these bullets are:
  • After the events of Rises, Bruce has seemingly retired to live out the “clean slate” with Selina.
  • While these lovebirds are gallivanting across the European continent, Bruce is still keeping tabs on Blake as he tries to fill the Batman’s shoes.
  • Crime and lawlessness are at an all time high as Gotham is essentially a post-apocalyptic wasteland thanks to Bane and Talia.
  • Blake has decided not to don the mantle of the Bat, but has taken on the identity of Nightwing to protect the city.
  • Unfortunately for Blake, he’s in way over his head. Having never properly trained to be a vigilante superhero, Nightwing is having a hard time keeping Gotham under control.
  • Since Batman eradicated all organized crime two movies ago, the crime Nightwing encounters is more decentralized and harder to tamp down.
  • Also, the “freaks” — folks like Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, etc. — are all coming out of the woodwork. Perhaps as a result of the radioactive fallout from the bomb?
  • Upon seeing his fair city fall to worse ruin than even during the No Man’s Land of Bane’s reign of terror, Bruce returns to Gotham to help train his protege. For real this time.
  • The problem is that the return of Bruce royally pisses off Blake. You see, for the last year or so, Nightwing was operating under the pretense that Bruce was dead.
  • Now that he knows Bruce was alive the whole time (and left him alone to fend for himself in a post-nuclear-Gotham), he’s none too happy about it, and leaves the Cave.
  • Though the two are estranged, Blake continues to prowl the streets as Nightwing because Bruce is reluctant to put the suit back on.
  • Since his previous Batsuits have all been destroyed, Bruce is fashioning a new one (to resemble a Lee Bermejo-like design, natch) when all of the power in the Batcave goes out, and Zod’s message is played over the Bat-computer.
  • Pan down to the cowl in Bruce’s hand, then cut to Metropolis after Superman’s battle with Zod.
  • Night has fallen over the rubble of downtown Metropolis, and whose silhouette do we see surveying the damage?

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