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Default MCU fanfic idea discussion

I'm putting in this thread my idea for a planned Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic I plan to write.

Here's the idea so far, though in light of seeing Thor Ragnarok I might change a few things.

The MCU fic I am thinking of writing is set after Civil War which is pro-Accords and pro-Team Ironman in which, the Guardians of the Galaxy show up on Earth and to prove to the UN they have good intentions offer to help Team Ironman and SHIELD (Under Coulson's leadership) bring in Captain America and the Rogue Avengers to face justice.

Main pairings if any would be Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Phil Coulson/Melinda May and Peter Quill/Gamora. Another pairing I might include is Thor/Jane Foster.

So what do people think of this idea for a future MCU fic.

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Default Re: MCU fanfic idea discussion

Can anyone give me some feedback on this idea I have. I've put this up on several sites and gotten no help so far.

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Default Re: MCU fanfic idea discussion

One thing I am planning in this story entitled Unforeseen Consequences. Is several changes from the MCU canon in this AU fic.

Here's what some of the changes will be.

Yondu doesn’t die at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

SHIELD is still an active organization following the events of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD and the ending scene in season 4 with the diner and the aftermath don’t happen.

Thor and Jane Foster are still together and never break up.

After bring banished from Asgard prior to the events of Thor Ragnarok, Lady Sif heads to Earth and joins SHIELD looking to help protect Earth at least, if she can’t protect Asgard and signs the Sokovia Accords.

Bruce and Natasha don’t get together in Age of Ultron, Natasha is in a relationship with Clint and Laura Barton. And Natasha remains on Team Ironman.

Bruce gets together with Valkyrie following the events of Thor Ragnarok.

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Default Re: MCU fanfic idea discussion

So is anyone going to give me feedback or advice for this planned fic?

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Default Re: MCU fanfic idea discussion

Sure, sounds good. Write it and we'll go from there.

I think you'd be best off not changing much out of canon from the MCU. Side-stories explaining where people were in between the films, or off-screen would be most interesting to me. Particularly if they are realistic and believable to the world the MCU has established.

Otherwise, just get writing/drawing or whatever you were planning.

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Default Re: MCU fanfic idea discussion

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Sure, sounds good. Write it and we'll go from there.

I think you'd be best off not changing much out of canon from the MCU. Side-stories explaining where people were in between the films, or off-screen would be most interesting to me. Particularly if they are realistic and believable to the world the MCU has established.

Otherwise, just get writing/drawing or whatever you were planning.
Here is what I've written for chapter 1 so far.

Avenger’s facility just outside of New York City

Tony Stark sat in the conference room alongside the rest of the Avengers, Vision, Natasha Romanoff and James Rhodes. They were awaiting the new Director of SHIELD whoever it was, who wanted to meet them.

Several SHIELD agents entered the building as two people entered the conference room, one a Chinese woman, the other a blast from the past. Phil Coulson.

Tony stood up and asked “How? We were told you were killed by Loki on the Helicarrier?”

Phil said “I did die, Fury used a special project to bring me back. It was created to bring back any Avengers who fall in battle.”

Phil told them what had happened to him since the Battle of New York and then got to the reason why he was here. Coulson said “The Sokovia Accords are law now. SHIELD is going to help enforce them. We start by looking for Cap and those with him wherever they are and bring them back to answer for their crimes.”

Natasha who didn’t react when Phil revealed he was alive, Tony looked at her saying “You knew he was alive?”

Natasha nodded and said “He came to see me and Clint at the farm. He wanted to tell you himself that he was alive. I respected his wishes.”

Tony knew Natasha was right and nodded in understanding as Phil introduced his deputy director Melinda May to the others. Before getting down to why he was here.

Phil said “SHIELD has been asked by the US Government to aid you in the search for Steve Rogers and the other Rogue Avengers. Thankfully our search will not be so hard. We have someone on the inside. -”

Before Phil could say who it was Tony guessed and said “It’s Barton isn’t it. Should’ve guessed, knew it was odd how he’d get involved in this when he has a family.”

Phil explained “When I went to the farm and revealed I was alive. I asked if he could do one last mission.”

Flashback a month ago Barton family farm

Phil got out of the SUV with Melinda and was nervous as he walked to the front door. Phil knocked as Laura opened and was shocked at who she saw in front of her. A man who died several years ago.

Laura asked “How are you alive?”

Phil said “It’s a long story.”

As he and Melinda entered the house Clint and Natasha were with the children in the back and Laura yelled “Clint, Nat you’ll never believe who just showed up!”

Clint and Natasha went back to the house along with the kids who were delighted to see their ‘uncle Phil’ again. Clint and Natasha were shocked to see Phil alive and later that night when Laura had put the children to bed, the 5 of them were in the kitchen as Phil talked of his death and what Fury did to bring him back.

Once he was done Clint asked “Why tell us first?”

Phil answered “I heard you took my death hard, blamed yourself. I felt for that I needed to let you know first.”

Clint smiled and said “It great to have you back.”

Phil smiled and said “Great to be back.”

As everyone enjoyed the tea, Laura asked “So when did you and Melinda get together?”

Phil nearly chocked on his tea at the question being asked and swallowed his tea before saying “It’s a recent development. One I’m happy we done.”

He reached out and held Melinda’s hand as Clint said “After everything you’ve been through you deserve happiness. We all do.”

Phil then told them of the Sokovia Accords that is being discussed by the United Nations and said to Clint, “if you don’t want to do this I understand Clint. But I’m going to ask. Would you be OK with doing one last mission for SHIELD?”

Natasha now curious asked “What is it?”

Melinda took over saying “Some of the avengers won’t be happy with these Accords and oppose them. We need someone to be on the inside, so when we get a chance to apprehend them that this person can help and get it done with as minimum an amount of bloodshed as possible.”

Phil said “During this operation we will ensure that Laura and the children are protected, guarded by my best agents at a secure safe house. You have my word that they will be kept safe.”

Clint talked it over with Natasha and Laura for a few minutes before agreeing to do this, but wanted something in return and whispered it to Phil, who agreed to the condition.

With that all of them continued with tea and discussed what else happened over the past few years.

End of flashback

Rhodes asked “What was the condition that Clint wanted for his help?”

Phil replied “A pardon for Wanda Maximoff and US citizenship. If I know Clint, he told her of this being a double agent and got her to go along with it. To make it look believable.”

Vision said “How did you convince the government to give Wanda a pardon and US citizenship?”

Phil answered “We pulled a few strings, but got it done.”

Tony asked “Do you know where Cap and the others are now?”

Phil shook his head as Melinda said “SHIELD has every resource available looking for any sign of where they are. Once we get something, we will let you know.”

Tony said “Try not to die again Phil.”

Shocked at Tony using his name, it took a minute for Phil to respond and he said “I’ll try. I heard you nearly died in Siberia. So you don’t try to die either.”

With that Phil and Melinda left, heading back to SHIELD Headquarters, meanwhile at their HQ, SHIELD agent Sif was sparring in the training room with her friend and SHIELD scientist, Dr Jane Foster.

It had been a year since Sif was banished from Asgard by Odin, she spent a while wandering through other Realms before she went to Earth and met up with Jane, telling her what happened.

She let her stay with her and she helped Sif adjust to life on Earth like she had done for Thor when he was exiled. In return Sif offered to teach Jane how to use a sword and the doctor took her up on her offer.

As their sparring session ended after Sif disarmed Jane, who had a dagger aimed at Sif’s neck ending the fight in a draw. Sif said “You’re getting better every day Jane.”

Jane smiled as she said “I had a great teacher.”

When SHIELD re-emerged as a force for good, Sif who had worked with SHIELD offered to join up and help protect her new home, all she had to do was sign the Sokovia Accords which she did gladly, as Jane joined SHIELD’s science division.

Jane couldn’t help but remember when Sif arrived on Earth.

Flashback a year ago, London

Jane heard the noise outside of the BiFrost and opened the door to Lady Sif was there.

Jane with fear in her voice asked “Has something happened to Thor?”

Sif answered “He is fine. I’m here for myself.”

Curious Jane asked “What happened?”

Sif still in shock over what happened said “Odin has banished me from Asgard. I do not mean to impose but I don’t know where else to turn for help.”

Jane invited her inside and knowing from the look on her face she needed a drink, Jane got a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass as she encouraged Sif to talk about what happened to cause her to be banished from Asgard in the first place.

Sif explained she did what Odin asked but he accused her of treason and aiding Heimdall in his evasion from justice.

Sif was angry at being accused of treason when she would never disobey Odin’s commands.

After Sif drank over half the bottle of wine Jane asked “What are you going to do now?”

Sif answered “If I can’t protect Asgard. I can at least help protect Earth. I worked with SHIELD twice in the past, they’d no doubt welcome my aid to their cause.”

Jane soon got in contact with Eric who reached out to a friend and got in touch with SHIELD’s leadership and was shocked to see Agent Coulson, a man who Thor told her was dead, show up and talk to Sif about her offer to join up with SHIELD.

Within an hour, SHIELD had a new field agent and a new scientist as Jane joined SHIELD’s science division.

End of flashback

Once she was done reminiscing, Jane offered to buy Sif lunch as a reward for winning their sparring match and it was an offer her friend accepted gladly.

The Milano

The Guardians listened as Nebula told them what she knew of Thano’s plans.

Nebula said “He gave something of great importance to him to an Asgardian who used father’s army of Chitauri to invade Earth in return for something else that father wants.”

Peter was shocked to hear this and announced “We’re going to Earth. If Thanos lost something there he’ll go back for it and Earth Is unprepared for what they are facing.”

Everyone was in agreement as Peter and Yondu went to the cockpit and set course for Earth.

As the ship headed to Earth, they encountered another ship heading there and opened communications, learning these people were survivors from Asgard, seeking a new life on Earth after their home was destroyed and led by their new king.

The Guardians offered to escort them to Earth and hoped these refugees found what they were looking for on Earth.

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