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Default Interaction between the X-men

We have had 4 team movies already and we have seen different kind of scenes, dialogues and situations between x-members.

So now that a new sequel is in development, and we have the original team of movie verse, which kind of interaction between the x-men would you like to see on the sequel?

any kind of conversation?, any specific stuff, dialogue, or moment? anything inspired on a comic scene?...

Feel free to share your ideas and personal preferences

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Default Re: Interaction between the X-men

The X-Men need to sleep with each other and ruin each others'lives, like in the 90's comics.

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Default Re: Interaction between the X-men

Well if the some of the people from the original trilogy are gonna come back. I want the people from the 60s to ask the people from the future on what will happen in the future or ask them what its like being a mutant in the 21st century.

If the movie is not about Days to Future Past. I want Havok and Banshee to have a bromance or just be best friends especially if Polaris is not in the movie. I also want more interaction between Professor X and Beast. They are like the "thinkers" of the group and I want them to have a deep conversation w/ each other.

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