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Default Re: Downey's last?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
It seems that way, and I am glad the cast has this kind of friendship. That said, there IS a fine line between fairness and greed (especially in the film world), but Marvel does have a history of having issues regarding the $$$ in their contracts and low balling. I understand that their films cost money to make. Lots of money and that they need their end of the profits. But, at the same time, RDJ, Evans, Hemms, etc are giving many years of their lives in service of Marvel and the fans. They deserve something for that as well. Without these guys, the Avengers wouldn't have been the same movie. They have the right chemistry and have done so well in their roles. I am sure other people can play their roles and I won't whine when after Avengers 3 comes, everyone gets recast. But, chemistry like they all had isn't always easy to find.
I completely agree with you about the chemistry between Cap, Stark, and Thor. People need to calm down though, Disney will throw the money at them. They are literally the rishest entertainment company in history. The only way I see RDJ not returning as Tony Stark is because HE doesn't want to. The actors do deserve more money though. That is a fact.

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Default Re: Downey's last?

Marvel, you have no excuse for not paying up anymore. Stop being cheap bastards.

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Default Re: Downey's last?

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
Simple, like any given story, when it's divided into "three" parts you feel a sense of closure that there's a beginning, middle, and an ending. They trilogies going even back to the old plays back in Ancient Greece. It isn't that much of a stretch: people love it when you divide things into three parts, it's even in your favourite songs with a three-act division.

On a film franchise when you make that, it feels complete and symmetrical.
There's no denying that a 3 movie arc can be great for a series or character, but I am also getting a little tired of this business where the third movie must harken back to the first. I'm sure for the cast and crew it seems like they've been working on these movies forever and at this point the idea of 'going back to where it started' makes a kind of sense. It's a good idea to always keep in mind what made the series great in the first place, that's a good instinct.

But as a viewer watching these movies at home years later it's a little tiresome. You've got the origin story, the standalone second film and the third film that's always busy touching on points from the original. I don't always need a 3 movie arc - Marvel has no plans to reboot, it's fine to have a series of Tony Stark adventures.

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