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Elevator Man
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Default Re: Graceland

Yeah Paige is a hypocrite and a flip flopper. You're either team Mike or team Briggs. Pick one. Stop changing your mind the last second.

Didn't expect Jakes to ditch the dreads for the "Heisenberg" look. And the fight between Jakes and Johnny was very emotional. Especially when Jakes told Johnny he loved him before taking off with the $9 mil. The flashback about Jakes going after and killing a sex offender, who's living next door to his ex and son, explained why he was always indebted to Briggs (after he covered up the murder for Jakes), whenever he needed favors.

I still wonder why Paul needed that laundered money b/c everybody assumed that it was for if he got off the grid. But Paul never explained why he needed it.

Besides Jakes leaving Graceland with $9 million the finale didn't leave a lot of loose ends. I hope this won't be the final season b/c that ending is too much of a downer for a series finale. But if USA renews it for a 4th season I wonder if this will be the last we see of Jakes or if Mike and co. eventually track him down?

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Default Re: Graceland

Graceland - Cancelled by USA


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Still Incredible
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Default Re: Graceland

That sucks.

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Default Re: Graceland

Well at least it ends on something that could wrap up things to a conclusion. There could have been more stories that could be told with Jakes on the run with the house chasing him, but you can look at it like the finale was seeing what ended up destroying the house.

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Questioner of Authority
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Default Re: Graceland

I would totally have watched a fourth season.

I wouldn't mind a TV movie to provide a more final conclusion. I have an image of my mind of the whole gang standing side by side on the beach, serenely watching the house burn to the ground.

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Spider-Man Luvr28
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Default Re: Graceland

This sucks. I enjoyed this show. Glad we at least got a season 3 wrap, but still. It was a good show.

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Elevator Man
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Default Re: Graceland

Even though I'm not surprised USA cancelled this I'm still bummed out by this news. I really dug this show and the characters. Wish we had gotten proper closure for the characters. Sucks it ended on such a low note. But I wish the cast the best of luck on future projects.

So long Graceland! Thanks for giving us three great seasons. Summer won't be the same without you.

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Hunter Rider
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Default Re: Graceland

I felt season 3 was a bit messy, even the Jakes stuff felt rushed as he'd been the most even tempered he's ever been, and it was hard for me to buy this strong, independent career woman being so besotted with him so quickly that she'd run off with him.

Still, the season had some good moments along the way as the cast is great, as are the characters.

I think it was a mistake to go back to the "Can Briggs be trusted?" well again, I felt it was well established by now that he's a grey area character who's heart is generally in the right place.

Charlie had the best and most consistent season, both personally and with how she followed her case through to a satisfying occlusion.

It's a shame they wont get a chance to get back on track with a 4th season but I felt the emotions of Johnny and Charlie in the final ep were sort of an avatar for us as viewers, loving the characters but filled with frustration at things spiraling out of control.

So, kind of a fitting ending for characters in what I'd imagine to be one of the hardest jobs in the world that will take more than it's fair share of souls.

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