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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
honestly, psycko, Ive thought the same as specter. Your attitude on some topics make you look like a troll.

Many users love to discuss about all the possibilites of the future, talking about spin-offs, new characters and all, but you are the only user that keeps bringing those positive posts down over and over.

I already have you on my ignore list since many weeks ago, but its really hard to have a fun discussion on these boards, when I keep seeing your negative replies to other users, and obviously their replies to you.

Its like your attitude is all over the board, and that leave out the fun of the discussions. its really frustrating trying to have fun with you boycotting it.

You dont want spin-offs, fine, you have expressed it perfectly all these months, all of us already know your opinion, so its not needed to post it again each day. Now let us all have fun discussing it from now.

You don't have to tell me that again. At least I don't tell people to make their own thread and dictate things to others what they should say or not. And I don't question people if they are really a fan of the X-Men or not.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
My idea is some sort of trail of energy travelling from Alcatraz into space. Scientists detect the energy and the F4 are sent to investigate it. It would be the Phoenix Force, the source of all her power. Although the Phoenix was different in the movies - another personality rather than a cosmic entity - Jean had to be getting all that power from somewhere. So they could say there was a cosmic force that she tapped into.

Then the F4 could be transformed by that force. They don't have the X-gene so they aren't 'Homo superior' mutants but they are 'mutates' and that could be an interesting part of the story.
That would be great!

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Do you know what beating a dead horse means and why people keep posting that? I'm starting to think you don't. You are extremely close to trolling. You posted the same thing three times after no one quoted you. We know what you think from the countless debates in other threads, and the first time you posted here. Debating your point further is futile. It's coming across like your just trying to piss people off. There's a difference in stating your point and spamming it in every other forum to provoke a response. Ya need to drop it.
You can think of it as trolling because you don't agree with me but I don't think I troll. I'm very serious with my posts and I actually raised very good points and this issue is very important to me because its about the future of this franchise. And its not like I just copied and pasted the things I've been saying about this certain subject. And I don't try to piss people off, because if I was, I would be posting that same emoticon that most of you are using as a reply to my posts and I also don't insult people here or give them names when they disagreed with me.

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