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Default Connecting Legion to the XCU

So there's been conflicting reports about whether the show is or is not apart of the larger X-Men film universe. Here's some quotes from a few of the crew:

Hawley, Loeb and Donner all gave conflicting but vaguely promising answers about the possibility of cameos.

"Probably not, but you never know," Shuler Donner offered.

"I’ll answer the other side, which is, 'Wouldn’t that be great?'" Loeb teased.

When a fan asked Hawley where the show fits into the canon of the X-Men films, the showrunner kept things purposefully vague.

"There’s a certain degree to which that’s to be determined; we’re in this subjective reality of David’s, so it’s hard for us to tell," he said. "One of the things that’s attractive about the X-Men universe is there are all these alternate timelines and alternate universes, so it does have this fable quality… We’re seeing this world though multiple layers of the confusion and mixed signals that Dan’s character is getting. It would be a spoiler in the true sense to say. I like the idea of trying to make things that are unexpected and yet in the end feel inevitable."

There's already theories about David's powers providing a potential explanation for multiple parallel timelines, and the devil with the yellow eyes being Mojo and the show being a reality TV show of sorts.

Just wanted a thread to discuss and keep track of clues to this mystery.

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