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Default Re: Marvel/Disney Movies not within MCU

When I think of adaptations that are worth putting on screen but should not be tied into the wider MCU I keep thinking of the really funky late 70's to very early 80's Marvel stuff. I am not well versed in all the rights issues so if Marvel can't do these properties please don't flay me alive for making a mistake on a message board.

1. OMEGA THE UNKOWN. Get Gerber's widow to work with a talented screen writer to give their version of this story. Finish it up for Zod's sake! The material is not straight forward hero stuff and in the right hand, who knows? But it's also a little out there, so I can see it not having the mass appeal a big screen treatment would warrant. This is true for most of my list here though, I suppose.

2. THE ETERNALS: Kirby's iteration of The Chariots of The Gods, as it were. Integrated into the 616 verse', I still think that the story of Deviants, modified ape men and giant space Gods is best left as it's own thing. Celestials are probably not making a big appearance in the MCU soon (I know about the Boot in GOTG. Well... It's a boot. If they never go into it at best it's an easter egg for comic fans) so why not allow the full exploration of that mythology without having to retcon or change anything in the MCU?

3. HOWARD THE DUCK: Yes. Attempt a truly, Heavy Metalesque styled adult animated comedy I say. Something like this might actually be up a Seth Mcfarlane or Trey and Stone's alley. If I had my druthers it would be a 2D film, but CGI animation would probably be good as well for this.

4. THE NEW MIDNIGHT SONS: Take some of the classic and new supernatural characters that, again, probably don't have a place in the current MCU and give them their own place to go hog wild in. Maybe start as a team and with a well known character in the lead to give exposure. Blade, Moon Knight, Brother Voodoo, The Were Wolf By Night, and Ghost Rider.

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Default Re: Marvel/Disney Movies not within MCU

I hope Marvel really step up in their animated films department.

I want to see a Death Of Gwen Stacy one.

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Default Re: Marvel/Disney Movies not within MCU

How about a Devil Dinosaur/Moon Boy animated movie?

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