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Old 04-17-2014, 06:47 PM   #426
Uncle Radiation
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Default Re: Sinister Six in ASM3

After watching Amazing 2, it seems obvious the Six will be..

Harry/Green Goblin, the leader ( he is assembling them at the end of the movie)
Doctor Octopus (who the man in the trenchcoat and hat obviously is)
The Vulture (we see his wings)
The Rhino (why else cast a great actor like Giamatti? He does nothing in Spidey 2)
The Black Cat (she has an interesting relationship with Harry in the movie)
Electro (his story is not concluded in Amazing 2)

.....with the Cat and Electro eventually turning against the others and fighting on the side of the angels.

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Old 04-22-2014, 10:09 AM   #427
Super Jim
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Default Re: Sinister Six in ASM3

You stated the identical line-up I came up with months ago, except I would swap out Electro for Lizard. And just like you indicated, I expect Black Cat and Lizard to turn on the baddies and take out one or two of the others, making Spidey's job easier and helping the story by not forcing Spidey to deal with all Six.

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Super Jim
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Default Re: Sinister Six in ASM3

If The Gentleman is the one to help bring the Six together, will he be the real threat behind the scenes? If so, would he be taken down in TASM3, or would his defeat be told in TASM4 or even later?

In addition, how will Norman come into play? We've been given speculation that Norman is supposed to be in TASM3, but who knows at this point.

One of my worries is that they will create the symbiote in order to bring Norman back to life, making Norman Venom. That would be really, really stupid!!!!!

To me, the fact that Goblin-Harry is still alive leaves Norman's fate up in the air.

If Harry-Goblin had died, then we'd be assured that Norman was going to come back as the next Goblin. But Harry's still around, so a second Goblin doesn't make sense.

Could they simply leave Norman dead? I guess so, but then what a waste of a good actor. Plus again, we have some dialog from Cooper indicating that he'll be back. Plus we have the whole (allegedly deleted) Norman's Head in cell #3 thing.

So, how could they bring Norman back that would make sense, and more importantly, why? What would be the end game of bringing him back?

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