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Default Re: Daredevil General Discussion Thread - Part 8

If you enjoyed s1, watch s2. Its imperfect, but still good. Then watch Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, because they are also both good.

Skip Iron Fist, unless your a completionist. Its not completely terrible, but its pretty crappy. Worst thing yet produced by the MCU, though Inhumans may steal the crown.

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Default Re: Daredevil General Discussion Thread - Part 8

Finally watched this series and I really like it. It took me a few episodes to realize that Matt Murdoch is being played by Tristan from the movie Stardust. Lots of ups and down in the stories and the cinematography in some of the scenes are fantastic. That fight in the hallway, I think it was ep 2 when he's going after the kidnapped boy, was awesome!

Matt, Foggy and Karen are so well done, whenever they are alone in a scene, I never feel the need for them to switch to the 'main' character.They all hold their own quite well. Of the villains, Dinofrio's Fisk is the best. From one moment looking nervous and unsure to a raging bull in the next, he pulls off the psycho play so very well.

The only thing I find hard to believe is how easily he is able to corrupt police or prison guards. Especially to the point where they don't bat an eye where Fisk is assaulting someone.

I could see it from long-term bodyguards or mercs, but not so much from law enforcement and especially in such number. But...

Great show. This is what The Arrow should have been... Finished Season 2 last night, and of course now I have to wait to see more. I've never read the comics and the only thing else I've seen with Daredevil is the Ben Afleck movie, which I also thought was pretty good.

After reading some of the previous posts, and checking on-line, I really hope they never do the drug/porn thing to this Karen Page! I may like this show, but I would drop it in a second!

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