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Default Re: Telltale's The Walking Dead

I probably wont play again till I can on the PS3/4 when it gets cheap which is what I did with season 1

I loved Clem's relationship with Jane. Jane was my second favorite new character. We haven't really seen Clem have close bonds with females. Yeah ther was Christa but they got close after season 1 and by the time season 2 starts, she is only around for a short time before she's gone. Jane was such a contrast from Lee, Kenny and Luke. It was interesting see Clem have a "big sister" type to look up to. Jane taught her a lot of valuable lessons on survival. Going into the end, I just knew I would be pitted in a choice between Jane and Kenny bc TT did a good job of making me care for both of them.

I also thought of what would Lee want me to do. Throughout this game, I kept making decisions which I thought were for the best of the group, which ended up being terrible. I think Lee would want Clem to do what she felt was best for her own survival. She cant live her life for others and in the end, I realized that's what I was doing for Kenny. I stuck by him primarily out of nostalgia bc he was the only person from or original group and I sided with him, even if I didn't necessarily agree bc I didn't want to upset him any further. He brought a sense of familiarity but what I failed to realize was that involved a past filled with a lot of pain and death. More than anything, he became a substitute Lee and I became a substitute Duck. If we stuck together, history could repeat itself, with us both ending up losers.

Me choosing to go with Jane was my Clem standing up for herself for the first time and making a decision to benefit myself and my future. The two of them on their own (with AJ) was different and I felt Clem set her fate on a different course rather than refusing to move on by trying and failing to correct the past.

I felt a real sense of growth and accomplishment when I had Clem turn the family away at the end. For all I know that boy was being used as a way to get sympathy so we could let them in and get killed for our supplies. Based on the way he looked, I also didn't buy that he was their kid as they claimed. When I saw the gun on the man, I felt vindicated in preventing a possible ambush. For once, my Clem was not the nice girl and it felt alright

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Default Re: Telltale's The Walking Dead

Ok...the 5 part script I'm writing as a sequel....

There's a character who is initially a nice guy, who reminds Clem of Lee...but ends up raping her

And also, what do you guys make of this? I'm bot quite sure how to do it just yet...I'm thinking of making Clem a lesbian and her boyfriend will be changed into a female?

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Default Re: Telltale's The Walking Dead

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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