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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

For me , its enough that so many talented people have been involved with this project .

I give Mckay and Reed a lot of credit for helping to keep the movie alive.

It sounds like they also kept the basic framework of Wright's original story.
Good for them.

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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

I think Rudd deserves a lot of credit for sticking to the project and helping out with the script when he easily could have left.

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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
as a director though, wright is on a completely different level. there are so many opportunities to cash in on a potentially comedic situation, many of which are simply ignored by fother contemporary comedy directors. Wright, however, takes advantage of seemingly mundane cinematic devices, like transitional sequences and exposition scenes, and pulls as much comedy out of it as he can.
this might illustrate it better:
this is what makes Wright style unique and superior to most comedy directors, including McKay.
No doubt McKay is talented and the movie is in good hands. Visually however, Wright is smarter and there is objectivly no way denying that.
The other guys is a better cop movie than hot fuzz... And McKay hasn't directed a Scott pilgrim so we don't know if he has the flashy visuals like wright.

But to say McKay isn't as good at comedy and getting every laugh he can out of a scene is wrong McKay is better at comedy than wright he's a billion times better.

Wright has one movie you can say look how awesome he shot this scene and is so beautiful looking, McKay has one action movie under his belt vs wrights 2/3(depends if you consider the worlds end an action movie or not..I don't)

McKay is just has good as wright if not better and this coming from a huge wright fanboy, I just don't get the idea that McKay isn't as good. wright doesn't blow him out the water like the Internet would want us to believe.

But neither of these dudes are directing this film so what's it matter about visuals.....

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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

I love Edgar and I'm still intrigued to know what his version of antman would have been but the connections to the marvel u were some of my favourite bits about antman so maybe on this issue he was actually Edgar wrong?

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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

I think Peyton Reed's script was a lot of fun. The ties to the MCU were great. While Reed did have a bit of style his own, I do wonder what Edgar Wright's style would have been. Given that, I no longer even care what Wright's script was, but I'll always be curious what the directing would have brought.

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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

Considering they wanted this to be phase 2's swansong I get why it needed continuity.

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Default Re: Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man!! - Part 2

Edgar Wright on His ‘Ant-Man’ Exit and How It Led to ‘Baby Driver’
"I wanted to make a Marvel movie but I don’t think they really wanted to make an Edgar Wright movie."

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