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Default DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

Just want everyone to try and actually be more mature and respectable, since the other thread got put back down.

Another point that I have been thinking of is the whole point of X-Men.
After all, this is about prejudice and is a parallel to racist thinking as was shown with the Holocaust scene. Then why do you miss an opportunity to develop the Darwin character? A guy who has to both deal with being black in the 60's AND a mutant. There is so much room for development there. To be honest, Banshee, Havok and Angel were paper-thin at best. There was nothing to their character, no layers at all. But with Darwin, there was the potential to do so much.

And please, can the argument of him being used as a catalyst not be brought up? If so, then it's a rubbish way of doing so. You are kidding yourself if you felt bad or sad when he got killed off. You feel something for a character when he dies only if he has been developed, leaving room to empathize with him and understand him.

It's all about time-management, people. You could have delved into the lives of these characters a lot earlier, so we the audience can learn about them, and then when they come together, we have more of a feeling towards them.

Now, was this racism? Probably not. But I can't shake the uneasy feeling I have of the ONE African-American member of the mutants getting killed off so quickly and flagrantly. I've seen films of a character showing true bravery before giving his life. Sorry, this was poorly done and you forgot about him after five minutes.

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Default Re: DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

I'm getting really tired of this..

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Default Re: DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

I think it was awesome that an afro american and darwin was even in it. (just like the actor stated).

Coolest and most heroic death I've seen in an Xmen movie.

and spoiler....
darwins power is about this very effing thing people.
Logan may die from this(if the money's right) but Darwin may very well adapt to death as a power. Can't wait till he comes back in the sequel.

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Default Re: DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

Green mutants were severely under represented in this film.

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Default Re: DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

It wasnt racist. Yes I joked that the one black guy died first. But no, I wasnt offended or anything like that

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Default Re: DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

While I am disappointed with the lack of visible minorities in comic book movies, that's really a function of ALL comic book movies in general, and in fact could be considered endemic in the entire movie industry.

It's disappointing to see Darwin die, but he died a proactive hero, so it wasn't your typical "black guy dies first" scenario.

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Default Re: DARWIN - Contd. (Keep it Civil!)

Again...I believe the topic has run its course.

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