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Default Re: Ideas for the new costume in the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Well, I would be fine with it if Batman's cape was more of a driving force for his stealth.

But here's the thing. The comics, he has to be coloured grey, because with black, he just looks awful. That's why for a long time we had the blue cape and cowl. All black was horrible and you can't get decent detail.
Then they stopped with the colour change, him being all stealthy...because it made no sense.

In the comics now, Batman uses his cape to hide in the shadows. He uses it to hide the bright grey...but why should he do it at all? Why can't he ditch the grey costume if that was the case? Because as stateed, black is just horrible for everyone in an artistic POV.

But in film, we're dealing with things that are different. Batman doesn't look bad as he does in the comics in black. He doesn't need the cape to hide him, which makes things more efficient in live action, compared to panel by panel drawings.

He has to be drawn grey in the comics...Therefore, things make less sense in a realistic setting. Batman will remain that stealthy figure, as artists try to draw him in shadows...if he were in black, while in shadows, it would again, look horrible in the comics. It doesn't work.

Grey in live action has no purpose, it doesn't make sense. It's only in the comics for an artistic purpose.

All of these "anti-grey" arguments are bogus. "He's grey in the comics so we can see him better?" LOL!! Really??

We've been able to see Black Panther for years! And he's all BLACK! It works if you want it to work. If you have a bias against the grey suit, then nothing will change your mind!

We don't know how it would look simply because THEY'VE NEVER TRIED IT!!

I almost hate the Tim Burton version for the reason that we cant get anything but a black rubber Batman.

So how can anyone be so hell bent against grey.

I know why.....everybody freaks out because the grey has been associated with the campy Adam West Batman. And that simply does not have to be the case. It can be done right......I think the Nite Owl suit from Watchmen is perfect for Batman.....the texture looks protective and the flexibility let's him move.....and that leathern looking cape was sweet...( was a glider too).

I'd love to be able to see the Bat symbol on his chest for a change.

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