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Doctor Who
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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

I actually thought of quite a few Batman villains; some recreated, others meant for other universes, and ones just for pure fun. For example, I made this one villain named The Big Bad Wolf; pretty much a one shot villain I'd use for maybe one story, if not just a few. Timothy Kaasen was once a marine in modern day warfare and was court marshaled in an unsolved murder case of one of his members in his unit. Not proven guilty however, he was able to join a GPD task force outside of Gordon's unit.

Later on, after his wife leaving with is daughters with due to abuse and molestation, all the anger and resentment leads him to a hot case where he nearly beats a drug dealer to death and one of his partners attempts to restrain him. In a blind fury, Timothy rapes and kills both his partner and the runaway dealer; later into the night, Gordon's unit old finds the dead detective and the dealer in a garbage can. Batman examining closely, he notices pieces of his body are missing and by some of the cuts, gashes and bruises, he concludes that Mr. Kaasen is a cannibal.

That night Timothy Kaasen dawns a halloween wolf mask with the mouth cut out, sharpens his teeth, applies hot glue to his fingers with filed nails, and springs out randomly both day and night as The Big Bad Wolf; mainly has set up crimes of killing, raping, torturing, and on many occasions eating, anyone in the police enforcement.... his little piggies, if you will.

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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

I'm assuming the post above me is satirical in nature?

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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Okay, here's my idea. I've actually had it for years, being a writer, I always wanted to write a serial killer story but I think this freak could work as a Batman villain perfectly. The press calls him The Love Bug Killer but he simply refers to himself as Cupid.

The man's name is Barty Gabble, he is a socially retarded, obese computer repairman. Suffering from severe schizophrenic delusions, Gabble believes that he is the host of a gigantic worm who lives in his belly and he can often be seen having conversations with his stomach.

His sickness is only worsened by his inability to get laid. Seriously, like most killers, this guy is governed almost entirely by his libido. And he figures that if can't find love for himself, he'll help other people find love.
So, he does what any self-respecting man would do. Puts on an adult diaper, a cheap plastic doll mask and a set of wings and tries to set couples up.

Unfortunately, these couples are often complete strangers - sometimes not even of the same species, sometimes consisting of a human and an inaminate object. And when these matches don't work out, Barty takes out his crossbow and puts Cupid's arrow right through their heart.

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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

I think this would be a cool idea. Say if someone like Harvey bullocks cousin is in town and he too is a detective. Harvey tries to show him a good time when Commishoner gordon tells him that people have been complaining about a jokeresque character at a fundraiser bruce wayne is throwing at his mansion. Bullock takes his cousin and heads to the fundraiser. They arrive and enter to see almost everyone unconsious on the ground and they find a gas tank that was full of a knock out type of gas with an image of the joker stuck to it. Suddenley the jokeresque character stabs bullock in the sholder with a razor bladed joker card . Bullocks cousin then fights with this lunatic and ends up being thrown through a door where wayne and a few others are hiding. Wayne slips away to the batcave and puts on the suit. The joker type character announces that he has set bombs all over the mansion and they are set to blow in half an hour unless batman can save his hostage in which he takes bullocks cousin and heads to his secret hideout and batman follows. They arrive at the joker cobycats hideout where batman finds bullocks cousin hanging above a vat of a toxic liquid. batman has an ongoing fight with the copy cat where he ends up holding him in the air and says the words " you're just a copy cat." where the lunatic replies "Exactly" he then presses a button and everywhere he said he had bombs had suddonly just launched a bunch of balloons and confetti he then runs at bullocks cousin and grabs onto him. He cuts the rope and they fall into the vat. Bullocks cousin yells help but Batman is helpless as the hideout starts fallling apart for some reason (maybe actual bombs hidden there) Anyway batman flees the scen. The police arive and break the vat open where a mis-shapen body falls out. the police help it up and we then see the copy cat and bullocks cousins faces jon into one and he looks like a grim looking serial gothic clown type characer. The cops look shocked as he then starts to tear them apart. The character would become obsessed with the joker and have a grudge against batman for not saving him ( he could replace jojkers role) He would be super intelligent and super insane. he would have varied strenght and have a dark presence within gotham. he could eventually come face to face with batman but bullock tries to stop him which ends up with him killing bullock. His name could be something dark like Necrocorpius or something like that and would eventually hold gothams life at his fingertips

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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Hey guys I was thinking of writing a batman fan fiction which would feature my vilian I created (I may improve on his name) and I was wondering if you guys would like to see any certain characters or some you hav made yourself inthere and if there were certain plot events you'd like to see happen

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the last son
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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Hmm what about a villain called the illustrator? One who illustrates all of his crimes

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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Here's a character I created while working on a little writing project. It's part of an original Batman story. A little bio and story summary.

Sebastian “Vendetta” Voller
An elderly former Gotham gangster who after losing his empire in the early 1970s, disappeared from Gotham. Falling into depression and drug addiction, Voller attempts to take his own life only to be saved by an unknown entity who trains Voller to become an able fighter and thinker. He lost an arm during a training exercise and is fitted with a steel plated prosthetic, capable of crushing bone in seconds. With his body and mind substantially improved, Voller turns on his teacher and returns to Gotham – determined to regain his criminal empire.

Despite his age, Voller has the health of a much younger man, attributed to deep meditation and a distain for processed food and meat. He claims that he had cancer but was able to eliminate the tumour through thought alone. He shows an instant dislike to Batman upon his return to Gotham – seeing him as an obstacle to his plans and as a symbol of what Gotham has become.

Returning to the city, Voller takes over a small time gangster's racket after crushing his throat with his steel plated arm. Voller teaches his new thugs and goons some of the techniques he was taught and thus becomes a small but powerful new crime syndicate in Gotham. Voller has his eye on the Black Mask, the established head of Gotham's most powerful family, as well as targeting those who took him down during his first run in Gotham. He is quickly given the name “Vendetta” by Gotham reporters.

He discovers that an illegitimate son, Jacob, conceived before leaving Gotham is now a high ranking official at the GCPD. Voller kidnaps Jacob and attempts to brainwash him but to no avail. Realising Jacob's will is too strong, he holds Jacob to ransom which is paid for by Jim Gordon despite Batman's plea. Voller releases Jacob but not before cutting his arm off.

Rising slowly through the cities criminal families, Voller begins experiencing the onset of Dementia. Becoming increasingly erratic, he begins to become confused with time – often believing he is the younger man during his original run in Gotham. During one of these episodes, he leaves his secure compound and visits a favourite restaurant with no protection which alerts a number of enemies. Batman, who has been observing Voller's behaviour, inadvertently prevents an assassination by spotting Deadshot who had been sent to kill Vendetta by the Black Mask. While Batman is battling Deadshot, Jacob arrives at the restaurant, fitted with his very own steel plated arm and crushes his fathers throat leaving him unable to speak before abducting him.

Some months later, Eric and Voller reappear, the latter now an invalid. Jacob claims he has his fathers full blessing to take over empire. There are questions regarding the relationship between the two – Gotham's underworld believing that Jacob tortured his own father to hand over the reigns and Batman's belief that Voller is really the one in control.

After investigating, Batman suspects that Voller is an alias and that he is in fact the same gangster that was prominent in Gotham during the 1920's. Batman deduces that the unknown entity who trained Vendetta possibly had access to the Lazarus Pit and was perhaps a member of the League of Shadows. While not confirmed, Batman begins to find evidence for LoS splinter groups across the world.

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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Scarlet Shadow,

Blake Quinn, Son of Joker. An Gothic Dark Character who lived on the streets from a young age. After his fathers death, his mother, Harley Quinn, keeps him but raise's him terribly and makes sure he has the perspective of hating Heroes,. After a couple years Harley goes into a deep rage-full place and is abusive and aggressive towards him. At 13 he runs away from home to get away from his mum. He has to learn to fight to survive. He joins Two-Faces gang and rises to the top, becoming Harvey's right-hand man, seeing Dent as the Father figure he never had. Then when Dent dies and it is blamed on Batman, Blake goes on a man chase to kill the man who took every thing from him

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Joker's insane
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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Well if I had to say. I believe that the Joker played Jack Nicholson was much more like the Joker than anything. In due time the world shall see a true Joker in our reality.

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