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Default Is there a defenders movie in the works?

The coolest thing about the terrible Fantastic Four movie was the Silver Surfer.

Doctor Strange hits the big screen soon.

It really would not be that hard to cast a Valkyrie.

We have already seen the Hulk, he would just need to be a bit more intelligent.

These four are top power level super hero's. Way above the Avengers.

If they make a movie, you'd have to assume the villain would be on Mephisto or Galactus level.

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Default Re: Is there a defenders movie in the works?


ETA: Oh wow. I thought there's be a character minimum. I didn't think I could get away with that (although that's really the only answer and all that's needed). I'll break this into two components. Do I think those characters will be in the Defenders and do I think there will be a movie called The Defenders. For the first part, no. The street-level characters are getting the name Defenders. For the second part, no, I don't think the street-level characters will be getting a movie because I think they think Netflix presents better opportunities. So, for a shorter answer, see the first paragraph.

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Default Re: Is there a defenders movie in the works?

I would love to see a Defenders movie, even if it's a Netflix Defenders and not the comic Defenders. Imagine seeing DD, JJ, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on the big screen. It could be like how the X-Files has had films, even though the TV series was running at the time.

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Default Re: Is there a defenders movie in the works?

Oh definately, I think it could be a huge hit. As anything advertised correctly with the Marvel Logo on it it usually somewhat a large hit.

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Default Re: Is there a defenders movie in the works?

I wish there was the comic book version but no. The Netflix team already has the name and they're probably isn't any space for them anyways.

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