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Default Re: Sandman

Originally Posted by shortchange View Post

Thanks for the tweet!

"Social critics don’t mean a thing to me. It’s really easy to ignore them, because I believe in what I’m doing 100 percent. So any naysayers for the public good can just buzz off. They might be a drag for a moment, but after that moment is over, it always ends up being gasoline to my fire." - Quentin Tarantino
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Default Re: Sandman

This just sucks. I kind of expected it though.

I am....

THEPro cras tinator
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I Am The Knight
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Default Re: Sandman

Originally Posted by tacit-ronin- View Post
Neil Gaiman personally had the movie shut down back in the nineties after he found out what Jon Peters did to the script. If Neil is still on board with than so am I.
Wouldn't shock me if Gaiman announced his departure from the project now.

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Default Re: Sandman

My interest just keeps getting lower. Fingers crossed this can rebound.

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Default Re: Sandman

this **** is taking way too long...shame. it could be so good. And it'd add so much to the DCEU if they make the RIGHT decision and decide to connect it like it was connected to the DCU in the comics

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Default Re: Sandman

No one would give a crap if SANDMAN was or wasn't part of the DCEU. For the wider population, hell, even among comic book readers... Those are two types of "universes" that don't have as much overlap as some would like to believe. I worked in a comic book shop in the 90's when SANDMAN was at it's height of popularity and I can assure you all, that the people that came in on Wednesdays to pick up their VERTIGO stuff weren't also picking up JLA and Superman and Green Lantern. Especially when we consider the context of modern audiences in movies, I just can't figure anyone really caring that SANDMAN would be part of the DCEU. Say there is an EASTER EGG or the like that definitively says, "Hey folks, see, we mentioned Arkham/The Daily Planet/The Justice League/Flash, see, SEE! We are in the DCEU", I think since I can't see such a thing having much affect on the story (and if it did... Yeah, people that want to see SANDMAN, Gaiman's SANDMAN, they won't care) and in fact might be seen as a "crass" cross promotion since after a while in the comics themselves Gaiman's work was further and further separated into it's own separate thing. Doctor Destiny and Element Girl may have been in early issues, and the stuff with Lyta Hall (seriously... Want to try directly adapting THAT with all the continuity issues it brings up?) being the mother of the new Dream ect. is a thread going through to the end, but honestly, that character doesn't need to have super hero parents in an adaptation. There is no "right" thing to do here. There's just what some fans unthinkingly want, which seems to be full on carbon copying the DCU as they prefer it, and such a thing is never going to happen because it's impossible. Marvel Studios and FOX have not done that. Neither has WB so far.

As for JGL leaving? Meh... SANDMAN would in my opinion, not saying RIGHT or WRONG, probably benefit better from the long format of streaming or pay cable considering the content. And content is another thing... The content of SANDMAN may well simply always be a niche thing. To do it right means lots of SFX and amazing production values but I think in the end the studio even under the best circumstances would end up with a product few out there really wanted in the first place in the general audience.

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Default Re: Sandman

Yeah sandman definitely doesn't fit in the DCEU at all. There were only a few instances where the dcu was referenced in the sandman books. And it definitely didnt impact the story in any huge way.

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Default Re: Sandman
Eric Heisserer

After six months of development, interviews, writing, and research, I think I have to walk away from something.

While there is a possibility to make a good movie from the property, I know in my heart it would fare better as a prestige series.

I didn't make a flippant decision on this, I worked hard to see if there was a way, but I can see the better version and it's not a feature.

I'm not mad at anyone, but maybe this will help it find the home it deserves.

If somehow I can still be a voice in the room for that iteration, great, but it's more important the project gets its best chance.
One guess what he's referring to.

Eric Heisserer

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Fallen Angel
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Default Re: Sandman

My guess too. Sandman does work better as limited series. Could kill it with an 8 episode HBO series.

He's a busy man too. Writing 'Lights Out 2', Van Helsing, And Then There Were None plus the Valiant comics movie adaptation of Harbinger.


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Default Re: Sandman

Screenwriter Leaves the Sandman Movie, Saying It Has to Be a TV Show
The dream of seeing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman on the big screen remains just that—a dream, and one that’s having a load of trouble getting realized. Eric Heisserer, the latest screenwriter hired to adapt the celebrated comic book series, has departed the project.

News broke back in March that Eric Heisserer, writer of the Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing remakes as well as the critically-lauded upcoming scifi film Arrival, had joined New Line Cinema’s in-development Sandman feature. Now Heisserer tells io9 that he’s quit the production, because he feels any Sandman adaptation belongs on TV:
I had many conversations with Neil [Gaiman] on this, and I did a lot of work on the feature and came to the conclusion that the best version of this property exists as an HBO series or limited series, not as a feature film, not even as a trilogy. The structure of the feature film really doesn’t mesh with this. So I went back and said here’s the work that I’ve done. This isn’t where it should be. It needs to go to TV. So I talked myself out of a job!
Heisserer also clarified how the timing of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s departure from Sandman—the Inception actor had been on board to direct and star — related to his brief tenure as the feature’s screenwriter. Gordon-Levitt’s Facebook post about parting ways with Sandman came just a day after the news that Heisserer had come aboard. But the Arrival writer told us that Gordon-Levitt “quietly left” about “seven months before I came on… So it looked like I was responsible for that leave when in fact I had nothing to do with that.”

However, Heisserer notes that he and Gordon-Levitt eventually came to similar conclusions about a Sandman feature; in his candid Facebook post, Gordon-Levitt had said,“I came to realize that the folks at New Line and I just don’t see eye to eye on what makes Sandman special, and what a film adaptation could/should be.”

New Line had no comment when io9 reached out to a representative for the studio.

New Line’s project is the most recent in a long line of attempts to translate to the screen Gaiman’s magnum opus about Morpheus, a.k.a. Dream, and his siblings, a group of powerful beings called The Endless. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke was attached to a Warner Bros. Television adaptation in 2010, and there were attempts to adapt the comic to film in the 1990s. Heisserer had taken the reins on the Sandman movie script after British screenwriter Jack Thorne had been attached to adapt the Gaiman title in 2014.

Meanwhile, at least the TV adaptation of Gaiman’s American Gods is moving full speed ahead, for its premiere on Starz next year. Perhaps Sandman can follow in its footsteps?

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