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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
See, I freakin knew it. Nobody can say a damn thing about the TDK without saying they're simply nitpicking when the same crap said about TDKR is nitpicking of the highest order.
Did you ever consider that maybe the example you brought up is not true and actual nitpicking? Heck, it is technically not even nitpicking. Nitpicking consists of pointing out very small flaws that have no overall impact on the film. That scene doesn't even have that going for it, as I explained in my last response to you.

How is it Bruces plane? It was never said that it was Bruces. When Alfred and Bruce were talking about the plan they said they would use smugglers to pull it off. Hence the planes.
Because it's Bruce's plane. We hear Alfred say "your plane is here for you" and then we see the plane stop and wait for Bruce to get on board. I think you confused it with a line of dialogue about Lau.

I love how people can rationalize anything negative brought up against TDK but then turn around and say Rises is some sloppily written mess. You can think of reasons to fill in the logic of Bruce covering all his bases with smugglers but not with the clean slate?
I'm sorry if it upsets you that TDK isn't as flawed as TDKR.

Other than the explanation I gave you, what else do you even want me to say? Anyone can play the game you're playing. I can point out to any scene in any movie and when I get an explanation for it, I can just brush them off as a blind desperate attempt to defend the movie without anything to back it up.

No, I can't "think" of reasons to fill in the logic of Bruce getting from a boat to a plane because all the reasons are there. It's spelled out for you. There is nothing to think about; it's just there.

And finally, are you seriously comparing Bruce swimming from a boat to a plane with Bruce faking his death and walking around with no disguise in a huge tourist attraction next to Alfred? With the former being a trivial part of the film anyone would forget and the latter being a huge part that the whole film makes a big deal out of? I mean, I don't even know where to begin spelling out the differences to you.

And this has probably been talked to death here, but I've haven't seen it yet. I still fail to see why Batman had to take the fall for Dents death. Seriously, WHY? Ya, I get the story reason, but it doesn't make any sense. Just say the Joker and his cronies did it. It's not like it would be a hard pill for Gotham to swallow. The fact is there is no good, logical reason why Batman and Gordon couldn't have done so.
I heard this before and it still doesn't make any sense. They couldn't have put the blame on anyone else. The police was already surrounding the building when Batman got there. The Joker and his cronies were already caught. Unless Batman and Gordon had a logical explanation how the Joker could be in two places at once or how Joker has henchmen that can teleport/turn invisible/disappear, no one would have bought that.

The party scene, another probably brought up a million times, but also valid. The Joker is still in at the party terrorizing the guest and Batman is just having a sweet little chat with Rachel down below. I know there was scene shot of Joker leaving, but it's not in the movie so it can't be used as defense within the movie.
Funny you bring that up. I was going to make a bet with you that me - an avid fan of TDK - would be able to list a flaw the film has before you do. I was going to bring up the party scene, but you beat me to it so congrats . Yes, it is a flaw. The Joker shouldn't have been able to leave.

Here are two more flaws I can point out: How did the Joker know Batman was going to be in that interrogation room? Why did Coleman Reese wait so long to reveal Batman's identity? Neither of them are major flaws that hurt the film overall, but they're flaws nonetheless and they exist nonetheless. They are actual flaws, unlike the examples you're bringing up.

The whole hospital scene is also a head-scratcher. So Dent, the cities most valuable and important person was just in a near fatal explosion caused by the Joker and he is given two guards outside of the hospital room. Why wasn't he in a private room?
He was.

Why wasn't he the FIRST freakin' guy moved out? The Joker can waltz in with face paint on, shoot the guard and have a good long talk while NOBODY confirms that Dent is out of the building? Really? Seriously?
All the cops and guards at the hospital were taken out before the Joker had his good long talk with Harvey. They didn't just forget about him. They just didn't have the chance to get him out due to the Joker. Plus, Harvey left the hospital before it blew up.

Not to mention the whole bomb situation. It's ok that the Joker can plant bombs in a hospital without a single person noticing them being planted or discovering one after the fact, that can be filled in with theorizing and excuses...but the clean slate concept is somehow sooo horribly dumb you can't do the same? Ok, whatever.
The film establishes two things that makes it work:

1) The corruption in Gotham and the way Joker takes advantage of it to carry out some of his plans.

2) The fact that Joker takes control of all of Gotham's mobs by the third act.

The clean slate is stupid in comparison because it wouldn't work at all in the internet age. I also brought up real-life examples as to why it wouldn't work (i.e. Tupac).

And I'm not hating on TDK. I like TDK, I'm just trying to point out how I feel most of the nitpicking about Rises can be easily applied to TDK but most simply cover their ears and find any excuse to rationalize TDK while turning around and damning Rises.
I don't consider any of the stuff I brought up to be nitpicking, other than things I pointed out just for fun or in the name of sarcasm.

Though I have to ask all you "you hate it cuz it's not TDK" people...what caused such a sudden change of taste from BB/TDK to TDKR? It's the same production crew, same actors, same everything. Are you suggesting I suddenly changed my whole mindset on the franchise going into TDKR?

Also, I know that these videos are done as jokes, but the "Everything wrong with TDK" video by Cinema-sins brings up totally valid plot and structural issues. Hell, there are more genuine issues brought up in that video then the one they did for Rises. But still, most fans simply brush off every inconsistency and head-scratching moment in TDK and rationalize them but barf hate upon Rises with little provocation.
You already linked that video to us once and we talked about it. Everything they brought up was stuff we just brought up. Other than like 2 or 3 things, everything was mostly not a flaw or was a nitpick they made a big deal out of.

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