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Default The Amazing Spider-Man originally building up to Spectacular Spider-Man-like sequel?

Okay, now... This is pretty much just wild speculation but what the hell, I'm bored. My theory is that the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man was going to be more like The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon before Sony stepped in and wanted it to be a setup for future sequels pretty much.

Now where did I get that from? Well, I'm not sure if you noticed, but in on of the final scenes in TASM, Peter is listening to Uncle Ben's voicemail while packing his backpack. But, did you notice what clothes he was wearing?

Yeah, pretty much the exact same clothes as Peter in the Spectacular Spider-Man:

Same blue T-Shirt with a long sleeved gray shirt underneath, brown pants, hell even his socks look like the shoes. However, in the next scene after he left the house his clothes are completely different...

Maybe I'm the only one even thinking about this irrelevant crap, but Peter starts dressing more "normally", more like TSSP Peter towards the end of the movie when he's learning about responsibility and ****. I think it's building up to Peter becoming more like his Spectacular Spider-Man counterpart, but maybe that's just me. So is this just random speculation? Yup.

Anyways... thoughts?

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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man originally building up to Spectacular Spider-Man-like sequ

I don't think that they necessary would have called it TSSP (it's so much easier for marketing if you just call the sequel TASM2) but I think they definitely would have drawn more elements from the cartoon series for the sequel had Sony not interfered as much.

I know that Webb/everyone else working on TASM were influenced by Spectacular, hence nods to the cartoon with the way Peter was dressed and Gwen's new characterization too.

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