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Default Re: Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein - Part 4

I'm pretty sure that Louis CK had some material about murdering and having sex with children? I might be remembering wrong though.

And yes, I know, Louis isn't exactly a shining beacon of light in a conversation like this, but these jokes had nothing to do with his career going bye-bye.

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Default Re: Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein - Part 4

Originally Posted by Ozbridge View Post
“I was a different person back then” isn’t an excuse. People DO have more experience, educate themselves and see things from others’ perspective as they age; that’s how we grow. I think some jokes quoted are the result of the culture people his age grew up in (that culture was still relevant up until about 5 years ago); rape culture doesn’t care about how traumatic and serious the experience is to victims, so back then joking about rape and sexual abuse was still somewhat normal.

The fact that James Gunn likes to jerk off to children means he’s a creep, but that does NOT mean he’s a pedo. As much as I want him to stay away from children forever, people’s sexual fantasy is their right, as long as he doesn’t assist/ support actual pedos or goes “I can jerk off to children only it’s my mental illness” and grooms actual children.

That being said Gunn has always been on my problematic list. Just last year after GotG 2 a man tweeted to him that he was going stalk a woman who criticized the movie or whatever, Gunn tweeted back wholeheartedly agree, then after someone called him out he agressively told them to get over it because it was just a joke. Joking about stalking women is part of rape culture too, and he should have got rid of it in 2017.
Originally Posted by Ozbridge View Post
And as I said, even if he likes to jerk off to children, I don’t think it’s wrong, because people have the right to have their own sexual fantasies. But based on those tweets, I just won’t, say, let my brother audition for his movies though.
Please stop talking.
In light of what happened, I'd like to explain myself and resolve this before this reaches page 41 and turns into a new thread, in case in 10 years my employer(s) can check my posts, not only on social media, but also on forums. Also as I've been requested to stop talking, I removed the post ID and the poster's username so this post won't pop up in said poster's inbox.

It's not wrong to think of children in a sexual setting. It is creepy, and it is certainly not normal, but it isn't wrong. People who actually molest children deserve to rot in jail. People who TALK about molesting children have to apologize at the very least. But people who THINK about molesting children don't deserve criticism for THINKING about molesting children. This isn't 1984 (yet), so we don't need the police knocking on people's door for THINKING of something. I've thought of things much worse than child molestation, things that if I actually did it I would be executed. But I didn't do it, I didn't even voice it out. And I don't think I deserve punishment for merely THINKING about it.

It's important to call out ACTUAL actions (and words) with consequences; criticizing people just for thinking of something is absurd, because not everyone can control their thought and feelings. And in my experience, the more not-absolutely-necessary criticism I aim at someone, the more I'm called "Feminazi", "SJW" (I don't even know why "SJW" is an insult but whatever), anti-white, etc.

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Default Re: Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein - Part 4

Originally Posted by dark_b View Post
there is a galaxy difference between Lasseter and Gunn.
Yeah, Lasseter was waaaaay worse

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Default Re: Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein - Part 4

Originally Posted by DarkKnight88 View Post
I love the, “I’m shocked those jokes were made by Janes Gunn.” Has anyone seen anything he made non-Guardians? Tromeo and Juliet anyone?

It’s like being shocked Ice Cube said “F the police” a long time ago cause your only reference point of his is Are We There Yet.
Here is another shocker for you then: Not everyone knows who James Gunn was before Guardians and a lot probably still don't know.

Yeah, you who know all about James Gunn must be bewildered not everyone knew his history before he became famous.

I knew who he was, I've seen some of his movies but no, most of the general audience and even a big part of the SHH audience did not know he wrote jokes about rape and pedophiles before these tweets came out.

And no, I have never seen Tromeo and Juliet.

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