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Default Re: What is the craziest DC comics movie you'd like to see get made?

Etrigan the Demon.

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Default Re: What is the craziest DC comics movie you'd like to see get made?

Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol and Animal Man

but I think they'd have to be either animated or done as TV series to get the stories right. You don't get a lot crazier than the "Painting that Ate Paris" or "Coyote Gospel"

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Default Re: What is the craziest DC comics movie you'd like to see get made?

Kamandi starring Andy Serkis & directed by Matt Reeves!

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Default Re: What is the craziest DC comics movie you'd like to see get made?

I think the craziest I'd like to see it get is justice league dark stuff( if that can be considered crazier than aliens, meta- humans etc).
I know they want to lighten things up but I hope they don't go into Guardians if the Galaxy raccoon talking dude kind of stuff. I've seen some of the alien green lantern characters and there was one I think looked like a furry animal I think.
I know people love those flicks but I think that's too much of a change in tone from what they've started with whether people liked or disliked the tone.
I'm aldosomeone that's wants a pretty small amount of heroes. As cool as other guys and gal superheroes in sure there is, I prefer a more intimate story so we can get to know the main characters as much as possible.
The only reason I'd introduce even a 2nd green lantern would be to eventually knock him off. Side guys like green arriw, canary, the atom, whoever could all potentially be killed off.
If I was running things I'd use that to show the stakes.
I know. Lucky I'm not. Ha.

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Default Re: What is the craziest DC comics movie you'd like to see get made?

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
Legion of Super Heroes. If done right, I think it could be WB's next Harry Potter in a sense -- The story of a young boy who's 'different' who's whisked away to an amazing whimsical new world filled with other kids like him (including his two new best friends, Lightning Lad and Phantom Girl), where superpowers are commonplace, but also a world where he's the 'chosen one' and he has to live up to massive expectations.

The more I think about it, the more I want this more than my idea.

Granted, I'd probably be inclined to incorporate an adaptation of STAS' "New Kids In Town" into the storyline just for the sake of bringing in Brainiac as the big bad and FINALLY getting the **** away from Luthor and Zod and the Evil Super-Clone Of The Week, but I'd also take inspiration from the LOSH 'toon (as well as JLU) with a prologue sequence where an early test of Brainiac's time-travel apparatus zaps Tobias Manning out of the frontier era and into the 31st century (with a dash of "The Kents" thrown in, where the time-storm happens in the middle of a pursuit of Manning by Sheriff Nathaniel Kent); then have Brainiac rework him into a not-all-that-willing cybernetic minion/pawn, give him a Kryptonian flame-dragon for a steed (absconded from Kandor, which could be probably be used as an added plot device), and arm him with weapons capable of firing Kryptonite beams in its various colors & effects (just to give Kryptonite a different angle besides the plain ol' green stuff yet again):

Heck, I'd even give the Silver Age that started the whole thing its due by tossing in Lana during one of the time-displacements, have HER end up in the 31st century and ultimately getting her hands on some weird space scarab, and voila! Insect Queen. Just to have some real fun with the romance angle for once, too:

In other words, it'd be the perfect excuse for a joyously insane Superman movie unlike ANYTHING we've yet seen out of the mythos on the big screen.

Some folks let their marbles roll into traffic...I throw mine at the windshields.

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Default Re: What is the craziest DC comics movie you'd like to see get made?

Ambush Bug. It could be sort of the same type of movie Deadpool was. Just a whacky character making wisecracks and causing all sorts of mayhem.

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