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Flint Marko
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Default Re: All Things DCEU News, Discussion, and Speculation

Originally Posted by misslane38 View Post
Baseless? You criticized a line about "measuring *****" so forcefully that you said it ruined the actress for you.
Nope! Type up an essay excusing your actions all you'd like, me making one criticism about a character/actress isn't enough to question whether or not I have a problem with women. This should be absurdly obvious.

Now, loads of time later, you've clarified that you just meant Amy as Lois in the DCEU,
Nope, that's what I said at the time. No one else would need this explained to them save for you.

but at the time it seemed like you were allowing this one line to sour an entire actress for you. That's huge. That meant to me at the time that the line gave a huge offense to you beyond disliking a line in the minor way that I dislike the jokes that Felicity makes on Arrow without those jokes alone ruining her character or the actress for me. At the time, it placed a lot of weight on just that one line.m
This is the second time you've insisted on this interpretation ("I hate this line so I hate Amy") and it is not what happened. I specifically said that one line made me dislike her character. I flat out stated that, but have fun misinterpreting things all you'd like. The best part about this is that your misinterpretation of my comments still don't qualify as sexist, putting you squarely in the wrong here.

So, now that we've established that you misspoke
No, we've established that you are looking to misinterpret criticisms of Amy/one of your favorite characters in the worst way possible.

and that you meant just Amy's Lois, can you explain why you disliked the line so much that it ruined her for you? What did the line say about the nature of her personality and her character that you found it so repulsive? Or, if it was the performance, what about it was so bad that it poisoned your appreciation of Amy's portrayal of Lois?

Okay, so now we've moved from disliking a line of dialogue to disliking the performance, which is a different matter. What could Amy have done to have performed the line more to your liking? Or is it really still the line and not the performance that you have issues with?

Basically, just help me understand why that line was seared into your brain and so damaging to your appreciation of the character that you singled it out and blamed it for ruining DCEU Lois for you.
I'm not diving down this rabbit hole any further with you. My reasons for disliking the line are completely immaterial to this conversation, as you heard me make one criticism and immediately felt it appropriate to question whether or not I had sexist reasons for that.

And here's the thing: even if I did flat out say that the DCEU made me dislike the actress, it still wouldn't qualify as sexist. There are several actors and actresses I dislike for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with their gender. I can't believe this even has to be spelled out to you.

You misinterpreted my comment in one of the most ridiculous ways possible. Hell, I flat out complimented Amy as one of the most likable and charming actresses working today. Instead of taking back your question and, gasp, maybe even admitting that you went too far, here you are trying to defend your nonsense as if it ever had any merit. Again, it's the exact same as if I made a general criticism about a black actor and you questioned whether or not I was racist. I find that offensive, inappropriate, and your sad attempt at trying to justify your actions with your typical long-winded, hair-splitting pedantry just as inappropriate.

Originally Posted by Kevin Fiege
"There’s never been anything like this."

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I am Danny DeVito
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Default Re: All Things DCEU News, Discussion, and Speculation

The "measuring *****" line reminds me of her introduction in the Ultimate Cut. For no reason she acts like an ass to Jimmy Olsen. It's like whoever wrote those lines wanted to give Lois an edge but inadvertently made her unlikable.

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Default Re: All Things DCEU News, Discussion, and Speculation

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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