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Default Re: New director? (yes no why)

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
I think it's a bigger problem than the director. There's clearly no one driving this train, it's just a bunch of train cars loosely connected together by inertia (i.e. studio execs). Or like a TV series without a showrunner, just different directors and writers for each episode answering directly to the network. Changing Snyder out would do as much good as changing Goyer out for Terrio without someone smart, decisive, familiar with the comics mythology AND what fans are receptive to, and tough. Basically DC needs a Feige. What's Paul Dini up to?
Agreed but I dont think Dini would be the right fit either,Jonathan Nolan would be my top pick with Bruce Timm as advisor. Zack and Johns both need to go imo.

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Default Re: New director? (yes no why)

Yes to a new director. I actually liked MOS (it wasn't perfect, but I found it to be decent/good overall) and have defended it both here and other places. And I was trying to give this film the benefit of the doubt because it looked like Snyder might have learned from what worked, and what didn't, in MOS and organically worked it into this film.

NOPE, this was a trainwreck and he clearly learned NOTHING.

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Default Re: New director? (yes no why)

Absolutely "yes".


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