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Cool Thor: The Technology...what's the deal??

LONG post I know, my apologies!

I absolutely loved the first film. It brought me back to being a little kid in the movie theatre that opening day back in 2011. It was filled with spectacle, action, humor, romance, had an operatic score & just all around epic feel to it. It was also acted & shot beautifully.

I especially loved the way Kenneth and co. explained Asgard. The way they explained how these other worlds with "Gods" of immense power could exist. Thor's explanation about the melding of sciene & magic & how he comes from a place where they are one in the same was brilliant to me.

My question is I suppose directed at fans who know Thor's Universe and its inhabitants inside & out. People who've read & followed the comics. I've obviously know of some of the key players & characters from the world for years but with the coming of Thor The Dark World I've seen something I've never seen in the first film. Starships and laser cannons, weapons that shoot & fire what seem to be pulse energy blasts.

I know Thor can decimate and fry people with his electricity from his hammer but what of the rest of his warriors? The Asgardian Soldiers & Sif and everyone else seem to have midevil themed weaponry and ride horsies & stuff lol wouldn't that be difficult to go up against Malekith the Dark Elves who've got like a Galactic Empire sort of situation? I know it's hardly an Ewoks vs the Empire scenario but it still makes me wonder, does Asgard CHOOSE to not use these energy weapons? Do they opt to ride horses & ponies & **** around while other realms use actual ships to get to their destination? Is the Bifrost portal the only method of transportation for them and other realms or..?

I just wanted to know if in Thor's history it's always been a case of them having this advanced shall we say, alien technology & just limiting the use or is all of this new tech inspired by the sequel?


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