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Default Re: Are you kidding me?!!!

Originally Posted by Willie Lumpkin View Post

There are some people saying basically: "I don't see what difference it makes if Fox or Marvel make this film."

And while we could endlessly debate the strengths and weaknesses of the films produced by the two studios, we need look no further than Fox's actions at Comic Con to realize they don't understand the FF.

Marvel understands that Marvel Comics wouldn't be what it is without the Fantastic Four, and the Marvel Universe isn't the Marvel Universe without the Fantastic Four.

When the Fantastic Four premiered in the '60s, they were like nothing anybody had ever seen before, and a Fantastic Four film, done properly, would be a film like nothing we have ever seen before.

I have no doubt that if Marvel had an FF film scheduled for a year and a half from now, they would be excited, we would be excited and everybody at Comic Con would have been excited.

Fox just doesn't get it. To them, the FF is nothing but numbers on a spread-sheet, and their actions ( or lack thereof ) at Comic Con illustrate that in a way I could never articulate on my own.
right on, entirely. that is what we think of as the 'spirit' of the FF. Marvel would have that, there would be momentum and excitement going into this. instead of this murkiness. this is the thing, it's not about whether most films start filming by a certain date or not, or when most other films announce their cast and stuff.

it's not little facts like that which throw the buildup to this movie off. there's plenty of time to make a movie like this, but it's just that everything feels off about it.

and I think it's only messing up support from FF fans. personally, I wanted this movie to be at Marvel, but once Trank was announced, I was all in for Fox. I think Trank could kill an FF movie. And I check this forum over and over to see if there's things like interviews with Trank, or casting announcements or any of the hypy type things that, maybe mean nothing, but serve as fuel to burn when you're at home waiting and imagining what Trank's FF might be like. But things just aren't adding up on an intuitive level to me. And all the non-news is actually me sick of not hearing about the movie, however little sense that makes.

Of course, my personal enthusiasm for the movie is not gonna have any effect at all on how the movie turns out, I know that. But multiplied by thousands and thousands of FF fans, it robs the movie of a certain larger cultural importance, no matter how good it is. And that translates into dollars and that's something that Fox should definitely be aware of and worried about.

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