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Never Mind the Buttocks...
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Default Re: Why do you hate the patriots?

Tell us how you really feel....

Alea Jacta Est

"It's disturbing when young people believe right-wing political hype.
It's like rock'n roll never happened."
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Default Re: Why do you hate the patriots?

It's easy to hate the Pats. Robert Kraft is buddies with Rush Limbaugh; it's easy to despise anyone who pals around with a despicable, misogynistic racist pig. Belichick's personality is so unlikable that it's almost like a superpower. I don't really hate Brady but he's consistently great year-in and year-out and he usually beats up on my team, so there's that.

But I think I could let all that go if it wasn't for ONE thing. The Patriots signed Tim Tebow, thereby giving ESPN and NFLN free reign to keep crafting stories out of thin air just because he's still part of the NFL, even if it's in the most miniscule way possible. Perhaps the Pats will cut him before the season starts, and that would at least redeem them somewhat. But they still brought him on board, which always seem like such a strange move after effectively ENDING Tebowmania in the playoffs a few years ago.

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Nothing So Divine
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Default Re: Why do you hate the patriots?

I hate the Patriots because one young fan asked Bob Kraft to fund his expedition up K2, by way of a jetpack. Kraft refused, saying it was a foolish undertaking.


Vartha ~ (1961-2017) Our Mod of Thunder
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Default Re: Why do you hate the patriots?

^Kraft was a damn fool for that one. What a POS.


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